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  1. Anyone ever wear these? Are they worth the money?
  2. Definitely! That's all I wore after I had my last baby. The higher power ones were the ones I always wore. Check Nordstroms because sometimes they have buy one get the second one half price sales.
  3. Thanks!! I've always heard women rave about them but wanted to check with you ladies before I actually went and bought them!
  4. I love my spanx. They are totally worth it.
  5. They are awesome!!! I, too, use the Higher Power ones (slim you down from the thighs almost all the way up to the bottom of your bra) But after about two washings they lose their stretch and aren't as effective. But they work so well that I don't mind spending the money on more!
  6. I have some. They are good when you need the smoothing effect they offer but I found that sometimes my thigh would bulge out just a little at the bottom of the seam and with some pants it was noticeable. I've worn them about four times in two years.
  7. I wish they would make low rise ones to wear under jeans.
  8. Luv' my Spanx! I wear the Tight End Footless Tights as leggings. I have black, brown, and olive. I also have a pair of nude low-rise Hipnotic capri-length tights to wear as leggings under one low-rise short skirt I have. These are more shear than the Tight Ends.

    And I have a Capri Smoother in black which I have worn on their own with simply a cute top. They are expensive, but I love the way they make my legs and rear-end look.:yahoo:
  9. if you're in ny, century21 have them for like 50% off.
  10. Love them, wear them whenever and wherever-one of the few products that are as advertised...also Lipo in a Box is A++++-pricy but worth it!
  11. Spanx is the best! They are definitely worth the money. For years, I would buy inexpensive hose/tights and then finally one of my friends suggested Spanx. They last forever! And I wear tights now everyday. IMHO, I think they are even better than Wolfords!
  12. best trouser socks too, they don't dig into your legs at all
  13. They're so comfortable that I wear the Power Panty on a daily basis. At my wedding, I wore the Higher Power AND the Power Panty at the same time! It worked magic!
  14. also Loehmanns,and Filenes Basment:yes:
  15. Are there any other Old School posters who can enlighten me on how Spanx differ from the elasticized foundation garments of 40-50 years ago that were called "girdles?"

    Those also came in all kinds of sizes, including ones that went all the way down the legs, as well as some called "waist cinchers" that have been dutifully reproduced, plastic replacing the whalebone formerly used for the "stays," these are very popular now, called "corset tops" and sold as fancy lingerie and clubwear.

    But I am hoping someone will tell me what advances have occurred that make today's Spanx superior to the lycra girdles of yore.