1. So what do you guys think of Spanx?? I just bought two pairs of their leggings online: one pair of the footless tights and one of the tight-end leggings...I've heard great things!! I'm hoping to wear them with boots and sweater dresses during the winter. Today at CUSP I was eyeing a pair of Wolford tights though....
  2. Haven't tried Spanx, but just bought two pairs of Wolford. The Matte Opaque tights in black and mocca and the Velvet opaque in black. They feel really soft although haven't worn them yet. I used a 20% code at which helped with the hefty pricetag a bit.
  3. I don't have any of their leggings, but I LOVE Spanx camisoles! Some of you girls here haven't been through nursing an infant yet -- and let's just say that after you do that -- remember Spanx camisoles and you'll be a much happier mommy -- no matter what your size!
  4. I love everything spanx!
    My work uniform, working with Emirates is a good fitting skirt, and wearing the nude color is great just to keep me in :lol:
    I have never tried their camisoles though!

  5. I've been curious about the cami and bra as well.
  6. I had spanx trouser socks and they fell apart rather quickly. I much prefer Wolford trouser socks, they are still going and I bought them a year before I bought Spanx.
  7. I love their camis too. They hold everything place and help with my muffin top.
  8. I bought a pair of their leggings & maybe I got the wrong size but I find that it actually makes my tummy/"gunt" area as some people refer to it even larger looking, it sort of it highlights it vs slimming it down. Has anyone else had this problem?
  9. I have spanx knee highs and they're great....they stay up but don't leave a line from cutting into my calf.
  10. I love them under dress because it makes it look slimmer and tighter than the normal gut I have. It just smooths all the bumps out. I have not tried the camisole but it sounds like a winner for my upper half.
  11. I practically live in Spanx tightend footless tights. I probably have 8-10 pair. Love them! Tough as nails and feel great.
  12. I have some of their power panties and quite like them. I do not have any footless pantyhose though as I've never figured out what I would wear them with.
  13. What kind of spanx do you wear with jeans? Or do you?
  14. i bought spax opaque tights off the net and according to the sizing chart i'm a B but when i put them on they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo tight. SO i have no idea if spanx is any good.
  15. I have a pair of spanx that are the shorter kind (end a few inches above my knee) I love them! They are super sturdy and definitely do their job. I didnt like the asset brand (I think that is what they are called) They are made by the same woman and can be found at target for a little less. I didnt think they stood up to wear and tear as well as the more expensive spanx. Spanx are definitely worth the money