Spanx - yikes

  1. I bought my first pair of Spanx. I guess I do not see what the fuss is about.
    My Leggs tights seem to work just as well in terms of the "control top." Plus, I bought the “Support” Spanx because the SA at Nordstroms told me those were opaque and they totally were not (as I should have known since it says “ultra sheer” on the bottom of the package). Am I the only person who is underwhelmed? I can't believe I just paid almost $30 for pantyhose...

    Is it terrible if I return them although I tried them on?
  2. I think they really work if they're tight enough, but it's not worth the pain :nogood:

    I recently tried to wear Spanx to a wedding, but I only made it 20 mins and had to take it off. I'm a huge baby about clothes feeling tight or binding. I can't stand it!!!
  3. I LOVE the knee highs...they stay up without leaving a line around my calves, but I've never tried the pantyhose....hmmm...
  4. No. If you aren't satisfied, you should be able to return them. No one has to know you already tried them on!
  5. Return them, that's crazy! Especially if something else works for you.
  6. I LOVE Spanx, but I only wear the Tightend cropped opaque tights and cropped sheer nude tights. I don't wear hose. If I did, I would never spend $30 for hose.
  7. I have a pair & only bought them because of the rants & raves & don't find them all that great. I would totally return them as $30 is a lot to spend on hose
  8. I agree, $30 is a lot to spend on pantyhose you're not going to wear. Return them.

    I have never tried the Spanx tights, but I do have a couple of the bodysuit shapers, or whatever they're called. They're great. It's a huge pain in the butt to pee, but hey, I look great in that super slinky dress ;)
  9. I had purchased a pair of the Donna Karen type Spanx and was not impressed with them-(too loose but, purchased the correct size.) I was hoping to try the Spanx brand and see if they were any different however, after reading this I wonder if it would be any better. :tdown:
  10. I've never tried Spanx pantyhose, but I do have a few pairs of their opaque tights. I love them.
    $30 for a pair of pantyhose is too much especially when you don't like them. I would say you should return them.
  11. love the tights and the trouser socks, but was not impressed with the hose either.
  12. I love them... though I've not tried the hose. I have the legging ones and I only paid $9/pair at Nordstrom Rack. I wear them under almost everything. I think so long as you get the right size, they're awesome and they don't hurt or feel restrictive to me.
  13. I like the tights and shapers. You should return them since the SA told you incorrect information about the product.
  14. I used to work at Nordstrom. They take back EVERYTHING. Return them; you shouldn't have to waste money because the SA was incorrect!
  15. hm... after all the raves i went and bought a pair for my NYE dress last week... the 'power panties' short ones... and they work fine as far as VPL goes! no lines whatsoever..! however.. although it DOES have a somewhat slimming effect, i'm not so sure i like it, while it DOES make the waist slightly slimmer, it made my hips and butt look flat too.. which is not a good thing to me.. :cursing: