Spanx skirt


Jun 10, 2006
Way Down Yonder
Does anyone own one? I have 2 questions:
Does the liner suck you in so much that you get pancake butt? (Funny, I know, but I'm serious!)
And since the liner has to be tight, does it ride up when you walk?


in the untamed rabbit hole
May 25, 2006
New York City
i just got mine from nordstrom anni sale and the skirt does not suck you in THAT much. i think it's more to keep anything from being too jiggly but still be comfy to wear for long no pancake butt for me at least.

as for riding up. i'll have to get back to you since i didnt really have the time to truly test that out. overall, i liked it so i'm keeping it. i wear lots of pencil skirts so it's ice to have something to "streamline" the silhouette.

i also got the spanx "tank dress" which is like an herve leger dress lookwise, but it's for underneath. it's also in the same material as the skirt, just in case you might be wondering. never hurts to have these handy for those days that you need to look extra toned. LOL