Spanx Sale!!

  1. Must use online. Use JLD at checkout to get 20% off of ENTIRE purchase!! Good for entire month of October.
  2. Thanx!!! I need a pair.
  3. thanks for the information getting 20% is great!
  4. It didn't work for me:sad:
  5. didnt work for me either
  6. Where? What site?
  7. ^
  8. man this didn't work :crybaby:
  9. The code- WASHINGTON - worked for me today!:lol: :yahoo: :wlae:
  10. Thanks for the tip. I love Spanx!
  11. Hmmmm. Not sure why it's not working. :confused1: I'll contact my friend who gave me the information and see what she has to say. Sorry!
  12. THANK YOU!!! it worked!! :yahoo:

  13. what's the discount for that?
  14. Never used them before, but I keep hearing great reviews. I sure can use a pair since I have a pouch and flab around my thighs. I was looking at the Power Panties. That would be perfect for me. Does it really work?
  15. 20%