SPANX Question

  1. Ladies - we all know the magic of Spanx BUT am I the only one that has noticed you cannot wear them under anything that is of a jersey knit /modal/ viscose material? The fabric winds up sticking to the Spanx and the outfit looks ridiculous. I have this adorable jersey knit wrap dress (and of course wearing spanx would smooth it all out) but can't wear the spanx because of sticking issues. Sure I could wear a slip too, but that's just another layer that I could do without.

    Any solutions? Or at least let me know I am not the only one with this problem. Thanks! :confused1:
  2. Never tried them, but I can see where that would be a serious problem! I don't know if this would help, but Static Guard sometimes works on static cling.
  3. I don't really own a lot of jersey stuff so I haven't noticed that but I can see how it would be a problem.
  4. I am not sure if this only works for sweater dresses (haven't tried it personally) but a member once advised to fill a little spray bottle with water and a drop of fabric softener and then spray your tights/spanx before wearing them and they won't "attract" your dress... Not sure how effective but worth a try.
  5. I haven't had an issue wearing spanx with either cotton jersey or silk jersey. It might be a static issue. Try wiping your dress and the tights w/ a dryer sheet. (Plus it'll smell laundry fresh!)
  6. I'm a Spanx cropped tights/legging fan. I wear them several times/week in the Fall/Winter/Spring, and I have noticed that there are skirts in my closet that I can and can't wear with Spanx. I know which skirts work and don't work, but I have never figured out what they have in common. I know I can't wear a simple cotton poplin skirt with them (and I bought the skirt to wear with cropped tights, argh!).
  7. Maybe call the company from the website and see if they have a answer for this problem.
  8. why not with cotton poplin? i have cotton poplin pants from banana and a skirt from j.crew, and both work totally fine with my spanx. you may want a bigger size.

    as for the cling, i think it's just static...i wear my spanx under jersey dresses ALL of the time, especially when i travel and nothing sticks.