Spanx in Canada????? WHERE??

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I've decided to buy a few pairs of's time! But living in Vancouver, BC, I have no idea where to buy them here...can someone please help?

    I am willing to cross the line and buy them and/or web purchasing but I'd rather see them up front first.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. actually i have a pair and out of all the places Winners!
  3. The Bay sells them. I have also seen kiosks in malls selling them, Spanx kiosks
  4. the bay :smile:
  5. Holt Renfrew carries them :yes:.
    I can't find them at my The Bay.
  6. I've seen them at Winners, The Bay, Holt's
  7. The Bay, Holts, Legs Beautiful.
  8. Hey ladies, I was looking for a pair of Spanx and heard Forever Yours Lingerie in Langley sells them. I was so excited drove right there and they had my size which was the only good thing about the visit. The staff wasn't very friendly and they don't allow you try them on. I wouldn't suggest using this store unless you are desperate.
  9. I saw them at the Bay DT in Vancouver. But if you don't mind driving across the border to Target @ Bellis Fair, they carry a line called Assets. It was created by Spanx, for half the price of original Spanx. ($10-20) Check them out! :smile:
  10. They also carry them at a place called Fancy Sox if they have one near by!
  11. I found mine at Forever Yours in Langley, they have three different fabrics and lots of different syles. I tried on several different ones with my dress
    to see what the difference was. Staff gave lots of opinions and suggested other styles.
  12. The Bay, (you have to pay for shipping but sometimes they have good offers on spanx)...