Spanky peed on my Paddy! AAaargh!

  1. My little Pomeranian monster was visiting at Aunt Susie's yesterday with the rest of the family for the holiday. I left my taupe belt pocket Paddy on the carpet in her living room figuring it was safe there. We had three Poms running around since our other sister also has one. My Spanky is the male and he wasted no time marking his territory outside the house. That's all well and good but suddenly I heard Susie screaming and we rushed over to see him lifting a leg on my PURSE!!! Yikes - there wasn't much but STILL!!!! I sure hope dog pee doesn't hurt any of the leather treatments? We figured the leather smell was somehow confusing him since he has never done anything of this sort at home. Funny at how we were posting on this very subject earlier. MEN!:rolleyes:
  2. OMG! I hope it will be ok.
  3. OMG!!!!
    im so sorry bout ur paddy
  4. uh oh! i hope its not that bad..
  5. OMG
    Did it dry and fade or do you have a "watermark"?
    I have nightmares about this sort of thing.....
  6. oh MY! it should come right out.

    now...not to minimize your distress at all but a chewed Paddy or other bag would send me over the edge... right after i woke up from passing out - luckily the dog is over that stage.
  7. That is awful! I am so sorry!
  8. Bad dog! Time for a new paddy? hehehhe... jk!
  9. Well I have to admit that you really can't see any stain evidence but I can't bring myself to look too closely - or smell it (YIKES!). It wasn't a lot of moisture and we wiped it off right away BUT....I wouldn't leave any Chloes within reach of any canines intent on establishing their dominance. There was also a LOT of leather involved since my belt pocket is bigger than Spanky.
  10. ohhhhhhh no, hope it'ts restorable
  11. He would have smelled your smell on the purse and made sure he let others know that you belong to him! It wouldn't be an issue in your own home, as he doesn't need to mark his territory (unless you have visiting dogs - so watch it then!). But in another dog's house, he will want to let it know what is 'his'... :wtf:
  12. I can't believe your dog's name is spanky! LOL that is the cutest thing I have ever heard!

    As for your paddy, I've heard that dog pee can be quite acidic, which results in "burn" or watermarks as mentioned in the earlier posts. I think that if you end up with watermarks, a quick wipe with a tiny bit of leather conditioner should rehydrate the leather and get rid of any visible stains. It sounds like the bag is doing OK, though - what condition was spanky in after you finished with him?! :graucho:
  13. did spanky got spanked?
    how is the paddy after being cleaned? maybe we should start a thread about pets and bags...
    you are lucky it wasn't a cat!! but i'm sure all be OK and there won't be permanent damage, i think dog's pee isn't as bad cat's.
  14. :wtf: Ewww... Spanky needs spanking! :yes:

    Hope your paddy is ok!
  15. OMG! Maybe you could contact Chloe (we have one here in Orange County - South Coast Plaza) and ask them for advice? They were really helpful to me when I had an ink stain on my Betty - referred me to a great leather cleaner place.