Spanish Louis

  1. Hello all, I have just returned from a holiday in Spain. The last time I was there I was younger and therefore did not understand the concept or know what Vuitton, Gucci etc was, however now I am more aware, and to be honest I felt sick at the sight of the street vendors selling those horrible fakes. I just wanted to burn them all:rant: grrrrrrrr.

    However to make me feel better, I paid a visit to the Barcelona store and got myself a little holiday present of the Fortune keyring in vachetta, which hopefully il get heatstamped, and also the Panda Cles!! its so cool and for a short while I can belong to the Panda cles club, until I give it to my friend for her 18th birthday next month. I hope she'll like it, if not I'll always keep it lol.

    Pics will be posted as soon as....
  2. I'm sure she will love it. Sounds like you had a great trip.
  3. I think the panda cles is a great gift. Which store did you go to, I was in Barcelona this summer and never got to visit the one on Avenida Pau Casals. It was closed due to some :censor: public holiday and I'm curious about what I missed. The one I got to was like heaven though :girlsigh: