spanish babysitter in LAS VEGAS

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  1. Hello everybody!!

    we are a spanish couple (sorry if I make some mistakes writting in english), and we are travelling to Las Vegas for Halloween party, we are travelling with a two years old baby, and we are looking for a babysitter that speak spanish that want to take care of Carlos some hours during our trip.
    Please if you Know someboy who want to do that please tell me.

    In spain there are some centers you can leave your children for some hours, do you know if in USA is there any place like that??

    thank you very much for your replys, also if some of you are coming to spain I can give you some advices to travel with children.
  2. Are you staying at a hotel? A few of the strip hotels have daycares. I personally dont know any Spanish speaking sitters, though.
  3. I agree with Dlkin, check with your hotel first! Many of them have babysitting services & centers where you can leave your child for a few hours while you go out :smile:

    Have a great time in Vegas!
  4. Check with your hotel...they all have some sort of daycare. I assume they would have Spanish speaking sitters there as well.
  5. Yes, and if they don't, the concierge would be happy to assist you with finding one!
  6. yes, i have to agree.. most hotels will either have their own daycares (if they are family oriented chains) or they will have lists of baby-sittting agencies they can contact or let you choose from to call a sitter to watch the child in your hotel room.

    I live in Hawaii, and when i was younger I worked for an agency. We were first aid & CPR trained. We were not allowed to take the child off hotel property, and all food & drink had to be provided by the parents.

    The agency would call us if there was a sitting job & we could say "yes" or "no". if no, they'd just go down the list to the next sitter.

    good luck and have fun!
  7. Many of the hotels can arrange almost anything! Ask the concierge!
  8. I highly recommend "Kid's Quest." It's a childcare company that operates out of casinos and according to their website, have several locations in the Las Vegas area (I used one in Laughlin).