SPANIARDS! Explain to me the Spanish Civil War?!

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  1. I have a Spanish culture and civ final tomorrow - and I still don't get what set off la guerra civil and what the principle causes were. :shrugs: I know it's the nacionales vs. los republicanos. The leader of the nacionales was Franco - and they won because they had more military support from their allies (more money, etc) - but what else? Like when you think of the American Civil War you think slavery. What's the bottom line with the Spanish civil war? :confused1:

    And while we're at it - what defines la primera republica from the segunda republica? Why were the republicanos against the segunda republica? ARG!!!

    ANY help would be appreciated - spanish and english explinations both appreciated! Help!!! :hysteric:
  2. I am not a history guru, but I would just look online! you will find tons of info if you google it all :yes:

    good luck on the final!
  3. From an art-historical perspective: It was considered a mini-WWII. Because the fascists aligned themselves with the Axis powers, Spain became an unfortunate playing ground for Hitler. Many little towns suffered horribly, even though they were innocent. One such bombing was the inspiration for Picasso's Guernica.
  4. I'd like to nominate this for Best Thread Title of 2006, and possibly ever!
  5. :roflmfao: