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  1. Does anyone eat it? How do you cook/serve it? I've never had it, but am intrigued.
  2. Lol what a random question! I've only had it once, and I found it a bit strange :yucky: i had it with pasta though... it smells really nice, but it tastes... strange. I'd say try it - you might like it!!
  3. I can't get it here in Holland so there's no temptation (?) to try it. Even if it is available here I'm not too keen on eating meat from a can (if it IS meat).

    I was thinking about computer spam, then the canned stuff and wondered if anyone actually ate it.
  4. There used to be an ad jingle on TV in Oz.....

    Don't say ham, you say spam,
    Spam is real spiced ham
    la la la la!!!
  5. Wow! Nightmares from childhood, thanks!! :lol:

    When I was growing up, my mother used to fry it. Trust me, that's the best way. If I recall, it tastes a bit like hot dogs, but don't quote me. As to the best way to serve it, I couldn't say, it's been a long time. I'm proud to say I've been off of canned meat for 30 years now. Sometimes it's a struggle, but my friends keep me strong and focused. A day at a time, I'm hoping to go through the rest of my life eating nothing but fresh meat and vegetables - and the occasional ho-ho!! :yes:
  6. You stay STRONG girlfriend!!!!

    BTW - what's a ho ho?
  7. i think a hoho is like a little prepackaged chocolate cupcake

    i've never had spam, but my dad said he ate it growing up and my ex boyfriend liked it (they're both from rural places, it seems to be big there)
    :shaking head furiously
  9. lol Agree! I dont think I could eat it otherwise.
  10. no spam for friend loved it so i picked up a can once to see what all her fuss was about and it reminded me of dog food (in terms of texture/smell/etc) :sick: (no offense to those who like's just not for me).....maybe it's an acquired taste? :hrmm:
  11. I used to eat it more as a kid. I eat it fried in a little bit of oil. My mom would make sandwiches with it.
  12. I may be the only one here, but I really like Spam :shame: When I went to Hawaii for a vacation, I had Spam Musubi (kinda like Spam sushi) almost everyday :shame:
  13. Yeah, I grew up in Hawaii and ate my share of Spam. I still go to the Hawaiian BBQ place and pick up a Spam musubi once in a while. People in Hawaii have a totally different attitude about Spam.
  14. I'll eat Spam Musubi when I'm in Hawaii but other than that, I don't eat Spam at mom used to fry it and serve it in sandwiches (??!!!!) when I was a kid. :blink:

    chinchillmoose: When I was in Hawaii I went to Costco - OMG, I've never seen so many versions of Spam in my life! And so much of it!!!