Spam in the blog!

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  1. I just saw 2 different threads with spam which make me want to scream!:evil:
    1.advert for a wp selling fakes!! "wholesale" by anitajiing
    2. get a free LV wallet by frous12

    I actually don't want this here. It's definetely the wrong place to try to sell fakes!!!Sorry for being emotional but this makes me so sick! :sick: We are bag lovers who appreciate a piece of art and then those criminals are trying to sell there stuff here! IMO just get lost:evil:
  2. I Agree Tell Those Spam Whores To Get The F@#k Off Our Blog!
  3. The presence of all these spammers just highlights to me how important it is to watermark our pictures. If they can post, that means they can steal pictures and use them to sell fake bags. We should do our part in stopping terrorism by making it harder for them to sell their counterfeits. :mad:
  4. Just cliick on the "Report Bad Post" Icon and let V & M dispose of them ;)
  5. I did this, this morning!
  6. Sorry!! Vlad and I have been a wee little bit behind!! We are on top of it the best we can, I promise! :idea:
  7. I wanted to also thank all of you for marking the threads as spam and letting Vlad and I know!! Moderating this growing forum gets hard at times and you all are a GREAT help!
  8. You guys ROCK Megs, *no* way you could possibly read each and every thread!
  9. Can anyone tell me how to watermark the photos? I know how to do a color name OVER the photo, but I have seen some with the actual watermark and it is much nicer. Thanks!
  10. There is programs that can take of it for you. I will post a how-to tonight.

  11. You both do a wonderful job and just because I don't have a life doesn't mean you, too:smile:
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