Spam from Ebay????

  1. Hello all,

    I hope I have come to the right place to discuss this. I made a bid on a 2 bags in the past two weeks (both bids lost:crybaby:) but both time I have gotten at least 3-4 emails from random people saying that they are the seller and they want me to make them an offer. This really freaks me out!!! Does this happen to anyone else? It's really creepy...and now I am afraid to bid on anything on eBay because I keep getting these crazy emails. How did they get my home email address? I thought in order to contact you, someone could only contact you through your eBay account...and these messages aren't on my eBay account, they are on my home email account....

    This is really strange, does this happen to anyone else??

  2. Yep, happens to me all the time. It got even worse after I started selling - now I get about 10-20 emails per day that are random spam.
  3. just ignore them all......delete delete delete.....thats what I do.....
  4. If it is not in your ebay mailbox report it to ebay
  5. I haven't gotten those, but have heard of people getting them before. As a seller I get spam emails all the time wanting me to buy various items from China. Sometimes they are just in my email and sometimes they come through Ebay too. It's so annoying. I just delete them all.
  6. Thanks everyone, this really freaked me out. Yes, I've deleted all of them, I was just a little worried. Thank you for your kind responses.
  7. The china email is getting waaay out of hand!
  8. Forward them to