Spam email - for admin

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  1. not sure how to email admins but I got this message :

    Attached Files:

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  2. I also received an email like this .
  3. Hi everyone.
    I’ve tried to find a post for reports but no success.
    So I’d like to report this user that message me this morning. I’ve never sent him any message before.

  4. Hi, do see the Report button in the message? The only way to alert admins is to use the Report button in the offending message.

    Hope it works.
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  5. Me too! It said fake fendi!!
  6. I'm gonna try it from my desktop. I don't have this option on the app
  7. I received a similar one with “fake Hermes.” Different account.
  8. Heya, I have been working diligently to block all the spammer accounts created since yesterday. I am unsure if you can report PMs from the app, will have to check.
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  9. Yes :sad: there's no report buttom from the app. But I just reported from desktop.
    Thank you all!
  10. I got one with 'fake Prada' from yet a different account! Similar, link is different but phone number is the same.
  11. I do too for fake Chanel.
  12. same! but mine says fake dior.
  13. I already banned and blocked all the spam accounts (there were over 400 since yesterday) and I continue to clean up the mess. Just delete the message from your inbox if the sender says "guest".
  14. I also got it for Channel... Deleted.