Spam e-mails from 'potential' buyers?

  1. Greetings,

    I just listed a Chanel bag on Ebay, my first 'higher end' designer stuff.
    So far, in the past 2 days I've gotten (questions) e-mails from 2 different registered Ebay members like this:


    I haven't answered to them, afraid what would happen. What should I do? Ignore them? I still have 3 more days until the listing ends, so I won't be surprised if more similar e-mail showing up later.
    I'm sure this also happened to some of you :confused1:

    PLEASE do not post links or e-mail addresses. Thanks!
  2. hit the report button at the bottom of the message. that will get rid of them.
  3. Those are computer generated. The best you can do is report them.
  4. What will eBay do about the reports that you sent to them? That is, how will eBay stop this nonsense? Or if eBay wants to bother?
  5. I got this before. Jus treport them or ignore.
  6. I have seen this annoying!
  7. I've gotten exactly the same ones. You can report them, and probably should, but I haven't seen any evidence that it has any effect.
  8. I reported all of them, although I doubt it'd do any good. But now it's gotten even more annoying cuz Ebay sent me an 'alet' for each one of them that got reported....:rolleyes: So I just hit delete on the last 2 or three e-mails.