SPAM: Anyone want a Shu Uemura Goodie Bag?.. oh & I need submissions

  1. Hey beautiful ladies. I'm not sure whether this is spamming or not (feel free to delete the post if you think it is). I'm sure half of you probably have come across my site one way or another. I'm conducting a brief (very brief... and FUN) survey and I thought I'd get some help from you lot. I've got 3 goodie bags from Shu Uemura up for grabs and the survey system will pick out of random the lucky winner. I'll ship it via FedEx. I won't need your personal information until the server actually picks out the winner.

    Anyhoo, please visit my site and join the survey. It's fun and effortless. Promise. And please feel free to pass this out to anyone that you know. (and click the "Continue reading....) on the first post.

    I TRUUUULY appreciate it.


    Thanks gals! I love you all.


    P.S. I also need submissions for my bag site, there's too many replicas and fakes that abound my site and I don't know where to go for authentic bag hags. LOL.

  2. It's Bryan boy! How come I haven't noticed you here?!?!?!

    This is the gayest gay boy ever gayed! You are TOO ilarious and I lurrve your blog!

    Everone check out !!! (not for the easily offended)
    ....and for his purse site!
  3. Would love to! Going there now, BB!


    Survey is really quick, ladies... And I love shu uemura! So go there now.. (Hmm on second thought, that will decrease my chances of winning! :graucho: But on third thought.. oh ok go do it! :biggrin: )

  4. I agree...
    Bryanboy I envy your r fabs !!!
  5. yayyyyy bryanboy!!!! :yahoo:

    Welcome to the Purseforum!! :biggrin:
  6. Bryanboy, I love your blog! You're a riot!
  7. welcome to pf :P honey i believe we belong to the same third world country will post a pic of whats inside my bag in your website soon, i love your bryanboy website hilarious! :lol:
  8. already participated.

    are you also interested in pic submissions with non designer bags? :P
  9. I looooooooooooove Bryanboy!
  10. Bryanboy Rocks....

    Your "Almost to gay to function" and fabulous at the same time!