Spain to standardize women's clothing sizes

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    If only North America would follow suit... I'm so tired of the mind games that clothing designers play!
  2. That's great!!!
  3. Yes, enough of being 1 size in a brand and another size in another brand !! It's crazy
    But if we follow the rule about "large sizes" does it mean that we should also change the L, XL (Large, Extra Large) size names as well ???
  4. Standardized sizes would be convenient and it is nice to promote healthy self images in women. On the other hand, is that really the government's job? If you owned a store, would you really want the government to dicate what you can and can't put in your store's display?
  5. That's a fair question.

    In my opinion, it is essentially a truth in labelling issue, not too different from the law that says that if I wish to can peas and sell them to you, not only must I meet certain standards in terms of how long I boiled the container, I must tell you just what I put in them, sugar, salt, etc. so that you can read those ingredients and decide for yourself if you want to buy peas packed with sugar!

    And so do I want to know if the numeral "8" on a garment bears some verifiable and reliable relationship to the measurements of that garment, when compared to other garments also adorned with an 8, or whether the number is there for decorative purposes only.

    I understand that the traditional wisdom has always been that if women cannot be sure what size anything is, that we will buy more clothing. And it's hard to argue with that, having been caught in that trap more than once myself.

    However, as online sales comprise a larger percentage of total revenue, it is inevitable that there would be some movement on this front, and I am glad to see Spain taking the first step!
  6. I agree with you that standardized sizes would be convenient and make sense, especially with online sales. My point in the prior post was about the government telling a store that they cannot display any article of clothing smaller than a US Size 8 in their window.
  7. ROFLMAO! Oops! I misunderstood you, and did all that typing and thinking for nothing!

    I think I'll blame, oh, let's see - how about the pills? Again!

    You raise a good question. I can certainly see your point - is it not a question of freedom of expression?

    But then I can also see the point of someone who says it's a public health issue, not unlike the government restricting my freedom to spray bubonic plague germs onto my cutting edge art installation, at the local gallery, which you will be attending, with your children and aged grandparents.

    Oh, but that's different, someone else will say. They have no choice about inhaling the plague germs.

    And someone else might look meaningfully at the salad in front of the size 4 speaker, arch an eyebrow, and ask if they really think many young girls have had such a clear choice about body image over the last several decades.

    It is really too bad the pills preclude alcohol. I could have hours of fun just debating myself on this question, and entertain you all!
  8. While I would like sizes to be standardized, I also find a problem with a government telling stores what they can and can't put in their store windows. It's not even that I would mind seeing size 8 in the window, but it does set a precedent for the Spanish government to have a great deal of control over what types of items sell.

    As a bit of an aside, something that always bothers me is finding an outfit that looks oh so cute on the size 0 mannequin, but no so cute on me. Still, though, size 8 is just as far away from a size 4 as 0 is, so it probably won't improve too much.
  9. Like a couple others above me, I think it's a great idea to standarize clothing sizes but I'm not in favor of restricting what stores can and can't put in their displays.

    Giving up one freedom (as small as it might be) can mean later on giving up other, more "important" freedoms.
  10. i might be in the minority but i think it's a terrible idea. if the sizes are standard then won't that mean cuts would have to be standard, so a few people might find it easier to get clothes to fit, but everyone else would be out of luck? :confused1: and really, how would you police it anyway? give shops fines for selling clothes with the wrong measurements? and what about imported clothes? would they be banned?

    i just don't see how this could work :confused1:

    oh and a 38 is more like a 6 but that's not so important.