Spain Fiesta!! What should I get?

  1. As you all may have known, Im going Spain in 25 days!! Im definitely looking forward to sightseeing, food, wine and SHOPPING!! :yahoo:Cant wait to go Madrid where there's a BV boutique, will certainly take pics and get something to commemorate this trip. Watch out for this space... hehehe

    Any recommendations on what I should get from spain?
  2. Lucky you! What's the budget? How about a beautiful woven wallet or the new Ball or Sloane! Or come home with a sexy knot clutch! If I had a "Money Fairy", I'd get the soft crocodile knot clutch in Carmine:graucho:
  3. I said in another thread how envious I am of you!! Spain is a fabulous country. I like the idea of a knot clutch or a BV style/color that isn't commonly found here.

    Also Balenciaga is originally from Spain (I know, shut my mouth lol), tho the design house is now in Paris, but you may find something nice in a Bbag along with BV of course.

    I sure hope we see pics of what you bring back! Have a wonderful time.
  4. Yes, have a wonderful time! Anything from BV or (good idea Boxermom!) Balenciaga would be great!
  5. I'm so jealous!! Would love to visit Madrid and do some serious shopping!

    I would pick out something Carmino. The vibrant red will always remind you of feisty Spain! :yes:

    You should definately also check out Loewe, since it's their designer's last collection. Their Nappa leather bags/ accessories are also quite delish!
  6. Spain sounds like fun! How I envy you! I would definitely look for something you wouldn't easily find in your own BV; that way it would always remind you of your trip. A knot clutch sounds divine!
  7. Thanks gals... im thinking of a carmino wrinkled leather or ebano or ferro wallet... probably not getting the knot clutch (woooo.... i know its beautiful but I dont think I will get a chance to use it).

    Didnt know Balenciaga used to be from spain... anyway i cant seem to find the boutique listing?

    Yes, Loewe is definitely something I will check out too...

    Unlimited wants..... :nuts:
  8. boxermom and nymph's suggestions are good. I didn't know Balenciaga was from Spain either.

    So, a wallet from BV (carmino wrinkled leather sounds good), a bag from Balenciaga and something else from Loewe...? kkk

    We'll all be waiting for you~
  9. Oooh... the wrinkled carmino has the raspberry quality that's so beautiful. What a wonderful trip to look forward to! Spain is so lovely... be sure to enjoy lots of tapas and late-night paella!
  10. Crabtreemeeko, I'll be in Madrid 24-26 Aug and will do a bit of preliminary research for you! I'll report back!
  11. Wow, be assured that we are all envious of you, because Spain is such a great country to visit!

    I agree with everyone suggesting Carmino, red is just such a spanish color, just think of the flag and the red cloth of the Toreadores when they`re fighting the bulls.

    Balenciaga doesn`t actually have an own boutique in Spain, but probably El Corte Ingles, a luxury department store will carry them.

    Are you heading to Barcelona? If so, don`t forget to check out the beach (it`ll probably still be warm enough) and Custo Barcelona and tons of other small Spanish designer boutiques.
  12. How fun! Spain is beautiful. Eat lots of Tapas and Paella (try the squid ink – my fav), visit the museums in Barcelona, shop at Zara/Massimo, and buy lots of leather items like boots, belts etc (much cheaper in Spain than Italy).
  13. Spain is absolutely the most gorgious country to visit in the EU! I go there often, I haven't been to Madrid yet though, but that is def. on my to do list..
    I'm looking forward to your report back!
    Anyway, I recommend you check out the TOUS collection (bags,jewelry etc.), that brand has been very popular in Spain for quite some time, and is getting his fame more and more worldwide lately. Their main logo is the TOUS bear, who are printed all over the bags and they have cute pendants and earrings of it. I find them all SUPERCUTE!
    Enjoy your trip and do report back!!
  14. :nuts: Marly, I have a pursegasm everytime I look at that clutch.

    Crabtreemeeko, how wonderful! ITA with Nymph--something in Carmine. Wishing you a safe and wonderful trip!
  15. I know I will get good advice here ( and I was right!) :tup:

    I will be in Barcelona, C_24 and also to Ibiza, Cuenca and Madrid... whoo hoo! I love spanish food and will surely remember to try squid ink paella, ms piggy and beta_noire... will also check out TOUS, thanks for the info roxana.. I really like the carmino wrinked leather too ( but not the price... hahaha) Nymph/24, and Madrid's my last stop, so I hope I have enough moolahs for it by then and Marly, I wish for a "Money Fairy" too... where can I find one? :angel:

    Thanks and looking forward to hear your trip report, ebruo... and have a safe and wonderful trip too!