Spaggio (sp?) Hawaiian Print?

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  1. Has anyone found any links or a pic of the Spaggio (sp?) print? It's the Hawaiian one, I found a teeny pic but I couldn't see details.
    Also when is it due out?

    We just got orders to Hawaii. :yahoo:
    I know this is one DH will let me get. He is so into anything Hawaiian right now.... It's pretty cute, he's like a kid at Christmas! :love:

  2. It is due out May 10, spaggio means beach from what I read all the characters are in beach scenes. Very cute!
  3. Hey Sparky! We PCS'd here recently also. I'm sure you'll love it here when you finally get here...

    I've also only seen a small detail of the Spiaggia print. I wonder if I'll like it. It's reminding me of being "busy" like Pirata, so I don't know.....

    May 10th is just around the corner, so we'll see.......
  4. Okay since Amore was due out April 10 and actually came out April 1 does that mean we an expect to see Spiaggio by May 1?

    Interesting thing is that by this time last month there were LOTS of pictures of Amore bags floating around and there is almost nothing for Spiaggia. I've only seen the one tiny ciao picture....