spacytracy's little LV collection..............come L@@K!!

  1. So I finally have enough LV's to post a collection thread. I know it pales in comparison to some of the tpf lv'ers on here but at least it's a start to what I'm sure will be a life long growing collection (and shrinking of bank account) of beautiful Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories.

    In my collection I have the very first LV I ever got (courtesy of my wonderful DH for my bday - 06), the Coussin GM. Of course though then I HAD to get a matching wallet, so then came the French Purse. And since it was LE and sold in my birth state of Hawaii (reason enough to get it, right??), then came the Damier Sophie. Followed up with needing a new wallet small enough to fit in the Sophie, the mono cles. Then because I wanted a brand new bag came the Batignolles Vertical. And finally because you ALL ARE SERIOUS ENABLERS, I got the beautiful Amarante Vernis Cles!!

    *hmmm, feels like the Amarante cles is so dark that it doesn't really "pop" if I were to hang it off my does that mean I need to go get another one in the pomme or violette color? hehe :graucho: see what you guys started - pure evil this forum is! (says Yoda!) :lol:

  2. Great choices and great bags!
    thanks for sharing your pics with us!
  3. Great collection!!!!!!
  4. Great collection. Yes, yes, and yes you seriously need a Pomme Cles or something in Pomme.
  5. Ooooh everything looks yummy! :tup:
  6. Very nice, and you know it will only grow.. :graucho:
  7. i love the sophie.. get collection thanx for sharing
  8. Very nice!
  9. very nice! I'm sure it'll be more than doubled in a couple of months ... and now that you mentioned it, you do need something POMME in your collection, and something VIOLETTE too! Good thing Rodeo is open tomorrow at 10 a.m. LOL!
  10. love it all congrats :yahoo:
  11. I think something Pomme would be great for your collection... it will lighten it up a bit! Your collection's looking great though! LOVE IT
  12. Congrats!
  13. I love your damier sophie! And yes, you definitely need a pomme cles! :graucho:
  14. Love your collection! Thanks for sharing with us.
  15. I love them all, especially the damier sophie, its so hot