Space storage bags - have you used?

  1. I just got a pack of 12 space bags from BJs and wondering if anyone has used. It's the one where you put in bulky items and use your vacuum to suck out the air and the bag flattens out. I've seen some infomercials on them, but has anyone used them before? does it really get that flat?
  2. Yes, we used them for our move last month. They work really well for down-filled stuff (pillows & comforters)-they get super flat. The sweaters didn't get as flat, but they were still pretty darn flat. But yes, they work, and are a good space saver.
  3. I've used them for moves. But they don't work for storage. They always leak air inside.

    The travel size ones are terrific. I put inside all the clothes that don't mind wrinkles (socks, nightgown, etc). By using the travel bags I can take lots more clothes and still only take one carry on suitcase.
  4. I've used spacebags before - I bought a bunch of them when i was getting ready for a remodel. I recently went through my storage room however, and most of them had re-filled with air, even though I followed the directions to a tee! when i first sucked all the air out with the vaccuum, it got super thin, but within 3 months was a full sized package again. bummer.
  5. They're very useful:yes: The first time I tried lifting the bag, I gasped because I went vacuum happy and didn't realize it was already too heavy for me to store hehehe
  6. I've tried using the space bags but could never get it super thin... Could someone share a pic or two of how thin they are able to get it? I've put clothes in them. I wasn't too impress with the amount of air that was removed and the amount of space saved...wasn't much at all.
  7. I LOVE them. I have a bunch of my winter sweaters and some blankets in the Extra Large sized bags and they're under my bed.
    My mom has a huge comforter and featherbed in one that we use in the guest room when guests are here. They fit really well!
  8. I've used them - at least two of them ripped right off the bat. The ones I put in storage filled back up with air. I got them 4-5 years ago though, maybe they've made them stronger since then.
  9. I'm using some right now... I'm in the process of moving and these came in handy BIG TIME. :sweatdrop:
  10. There are also a couple of brands out there that are similar..ONLY get the ones like these because they work wonderfully:
    Space Bag – Vacuum Seal Storage Bags

    My mom had some that were like a big Ziploc bag that you rolled the air out of, not sucked the air out of, and they tore also. I don't know which brand those were but they did NOT work.
  11. they are very helpful for moving or traveling. my only problem was that i ripped 2 of the large bags (the ziplock pull thing ripped the bag) when i tried to use them a second time.

    you can also get the same effect with less $$$ buy getting some heavy duty garbage bags (clean and unsed of course), put your things in, and with the excess that is at the top where the handles are you just put that into the hose of the vaccum and suck the air away and tie it shut. it works for the quick move or quick storage.
  12. Yes they really work, especially on bulky winter wear.