Space-Prada Outlet in Florence

  1. Hi, anyone's been there recently? A friend is going and thought of asking her to get me some bags, just wondering which kids they will carry. Thanks!
  2. oops, i meant which kiNds...
  3. i was there back in november and they had lots of nylon bags (some that are still full price at the stores here). the bags are almost 1/2 off. they also had most of the wallets and small accessories. some rare exotic leather (ostrich) pieces. i was looking for gauffre bags when i was there but there were none. hope this helps.
  4. thanks, awbrat!
  5. I've heard of this place and would really like to check it out. I'm going to be in that area in last the last two weeks of May. Any information on how to get there, where to stay, and any tips you could give is greatly appreciated.
    PS. Does anyone else want to come?
  6. I was there at the end of April, and it's definitely worth the trouble to find it! It's off the A1 autostrada about 50 minutes outside Florence, in the town of Montevarchi on Strada Statale, and not at all easy to find - don't believe the various shopping guidebooks that claim "it's just off the highway!" It's about 3 miles down twisty-turny streets off the highway. We were lucky to have a GPS device, so after a few wrong turns we were able to find the place (it's a huge warehouse) tucked back behind a bunch of industrial buildings off the street. Many hotels in Florence either have or can tell you about special tour busses that take customers there for about 20 Euros roundtrip, which is probably a good deal if you don't have a GPS or are not enthused about finding it via car. It's probably easy to take the train there from Florence and then a cab to the store too - everyone in Montevarchi seemed to know where it was!

    Once there, the store itself is gorgeous - just like a Prada boutique and staffed with slick SAs all in Prada. If the store is busy, you have to take a number and then can only enter the building when your number is called. Otherwise you're given a number when you enter the building, and then every item you decide you want is held at the front desk under your number. You give your number when you're ready to check out and they have all your purchases at the desk ready to ring up.

    I must say, the selection is fabulous. They have Womens' & Men's handbags, shoes, accessories, luggage and clothing, all one to three seasons behind - I saw lots of the degrade bags from A/W 07, loads of Tessuto leather, many of the basic Prada & Miu Miu leather styles and most of the basic Prada nylon styles, as well as the quilted nylon bowlers. The prices I saw were mostly less than half of retail. They carried some Jil Sander stuff along with Prada and Miu Miu.

    I purchased a canvas & leather Prada satchel for 370 E ($560) and a leather Miu Miu convertible tote/clutch for 400 E ($615), as well as two pairs of sandals - most were from 50-70 E ($90 - $125).

    If you're brave enough, continue up the A1 autostrada toward Florence another half-hour or so to The Mall in Leccio Regello, featuring outlet shops for Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Lora Piana, etc. The YSL shop in particular had many Downtown and Muse totes for about 500 - 600 Euros.

    I highly recommend going to either if you have the chance!
  7. holy smokes, showgirl, they have the degrade glace bags!? just what i'm asking my friend to get me!

    muagia, some friends are backpacking around italy for 2 weeks and i'm forcing them to make a trip to the prada outlet to get me some bargains. here's some info i found on some travel websites:
    We recently returned from visiting several cities in Italy as well as Paris, France. Among the ‘must see’ attractions for me in Italy was the mythical Prada outlet in Montevarchi, about 45 minutes to an hour from Florence. If you are a Prada fan (or just love the thrill of the hunt!), it’s definitely worth the trip.

    We found the most efficient way to get out there was by taking the train from Florence’s Santa Maria Novella station to Montevarchi (Italy train note: the train to the town seemed to only have second-class seats, not first class and second class). At the Montevarchi station, much to my relief, there were two local taxis waiting for passengers. We hopped in; the driver took one glance at us and said “Prada?” (oh yes!). The ride costs about 12 or 15 euros, and I recommend that you arrange with the driver to come back and pick you up after a certain time to either bring you back to Florence or to the train station, it’s just easier! Also, confirm what time the outlet opens; we arrived an hour and a half too early (whoops) and waited outside. Thankfully, there are some benches outside.
  8. They certainly did! I was considering getting one of the nude degrade bowlers, I think it was around 550 - 600 Euros. I'm sure the selection varies from week to week but they had an amazing variety available. Lots of little accessories too, like tricks and key rings, plus a huge selection of both Prada & Miu Miu wallets.
  9. I'm there about five times a year and the stock is always different. One year, I was there in November and again the next week and I'd say at least 50% of the stock was different (in just one week). Since they renovated the end of last year, they seem to have a lot more small nylon accessories in different colors and fewer shoes than they used to and they now have all the Prada perfumes and skin care products. But it's impossible to predict what they'll have at any given time.
  10. A friend of mine just got back this week. She was in Italy last week and went to the outlets 2 days out of the time she was there. She usually comes back with quite a bit of stuff, but she said this time around the selection and prices were not as good as in the past.
  11. i agree, they're wonderful, and if you can do the YSL outlets too. go for it!
  12. Anyone else been there recently? any posts of pics and prices that were purchased? will be making a trip in October.....
  13. Bump. I have a friend going there in a couple of weeks... So I too would appreciate any updated info on the store.