Space outlet in Woodbury NY

  1. Has anyone been here? The Outlets website says it carries Prada and Miu Miu. Does Miu Miu even have outlets?
  2. Space only carries Prada and MiuMiu. Not sure why it's called Space (perhaps Prada didn't want the notoriety of owning at OutLet?) Generally, the clothing selection is very good, the bag selection so so, the shoe selection ok. Prices are usually at least 50% off retail, and everything is at least a season behind. They carry mens and womens things. A great place to get suits, coats and sweaters. And as you can tell, I've been there a few times ;)
  3. Oooo... I can't wait. So are they there now? Woodbury is def my fav place to shop in NY. A pity I live half the globe away N am so heavily preggy now. Otherwise i would be back for my shopping :woohoo:
  4. I wish that I Can go to Woodbury..but time is never enough even when I went and of course the money is never enough