Space for guys modeling their Hermès

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  1. Picked this up in early Jan, but just wanted to share my new Flash Relief backpack in Rouge H Togo/Evercolor.

    Really pleasantly surprised with this bag and it's become my go-to for work this year - lightweight, good capacity and very comfortable on the shoulder. Plus the secret pocket stitched into the lining is great for having my wallet/travel card to hand. I've even found the closure and poppers to cinch in the top make it fairly secure for a backpack.

    I'd always liked the look of the Cityback, but it felt too complex to get into and quite skinny, so the Flash came as a really pleasant surprise and I've been keen to track down the Rouge H!

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  2. Wow, it looks super great! Enjoy it a lot!
  3. Thanks! I just completed a one-day business trip to Stockholm to attend a fair, so was using the bag from 5am to 9pm and it was an absolute dream! I was even able to tuck a surprise airport purchase long scarf box into it, as well as iPad, over ear headphones, scarf and more!
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  4. Hi everyone! First time posting in this thread. I have a B35 and a K35 and I’m thinking of switching it up and getting a 24/24 35. Does anyone have one? How is it compared to the B or K?
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  5. I’m on the same boat!!! I’ve been obsessing the 24/24 as well!
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  6. I think you will likely get more responses by posting in the 24/24 thread. :flowers:
  7. Great, Freddie! The bag meets design, beauty, masculinity and practicality. The perfect bag! I am looking forward to seeing it in Barcelona.
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  8. The Kelly Depeches 36 I ordered online is shipping. Now I’m anxious about how to place a crossbody straps with it to make it more casual. Any thoughts? :confused1:
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  9. I’m thinking about adding a straps to mine ( not arrived yet). Do you think it would look bizarre considering it’s a 36?
  10. Congrats! What kind of leather and color did you order?
  11. It would not look bizarre at all. In fact, my SA told me that the only thing the Kelly Depeches lacks of is a strap. But I cannot figure out how you can put a strap on the new model.
  12. Thanks.:flowers: It is Etain Epsom.
  13. Im thinking about let a strap hold these two parts like what some people have done to their Kelly Depeches 25.

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  14. I have read stories about doing this to make B's crossbody and believe it is widely discouraged as it risks damaging and distorting and stretching the shape of the sangles.

    If you have a long enough strap, I would suggest wrapping it under the length of the flap and protruding either end, although this may create a quite large inverted triangle which may swing around easily.

    Look forward to seeing pictures of the new arrival!
  15. :flowers:
    Thanks for the information.:flowers: I’ll be more cautious about that idea.