Space for guys modeling their Hermès

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  1. Happy Monday!

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  2. Happy and sunny!
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  3. Perfection!
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  4. :smile:

  5. Couldn’t stop myself and wanted to try on the bag right when I got home even to a totally mismatched outfit. This bag might be most functional for me as of right now because I only carry an empreinte pochette cles most of the time.

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  6. Hello! Does anyone own a Steve Meeting 35? I am interested in them and am looking for any pros/cons, etc.

    Thank you!
  7. Looks so good!

    And hey, I think the stripe color matches, no? ;)
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  8. :giggle::giggle:
    True! My clothes were so wrinkly from the day and I was like “gotta take a quick mod shot.” I’m too obsessed with this little bag. :giggle:
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  9. I do, in cristobal in the colour plomb.
    I like the compact size and the option for both hand and shoulder carry. It really is a nice design. And I appreciate the work that goes into the making of the handles - its the same structure as the birkin handles.
    However, the bag does tend to fall over when filled, because of the front flap which has a tendency to pull the entire bag forwards.
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  10. What is the steve meeting? Im intrigued.
  11. I hope it's ok to put videos here. My favorite male youtuber uploaded a shoe collection video, I think is very helpful to buy man's shoes.
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  12. This is dreamy :smile:!
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  13. How are you liking your Constance? I wish it was a little more subdued without the H clasp. Is it easy to open and close the clasp? Fears of it getting scratched as you use it?

    Debating between this or the Celine classic bag.
  14. You men always look so pulled together....I think your bag looks great on you.
  15. I wouldn’t say the easiest but after a while it becomes not a problem. I slot my index finger under the bar and use my thumb to press on the vertical bar of the H. It just pops open that way without me touching the leather. I also find it much easier to open it wearing than trying to fidget with it. I do find it harder to open with swift Constance just because of it is slight softer but it’s not a problem if you have something in the bag. I live in Seattle so most people don’t even recognize any H bags. I had a person asked me if it is an H&M bag. :giggle: I have a feeling from my experience living in Hong Kong that much more people recognize the Céline classic box than the constance due to me seeing more people with the Céline box. I’m also H biased :P Constance has been my wanted bag for quite a while because it fits my needs much better than B and K due to work not being appropriate for me to bring B K to work and I don’t carry a lot during my off work time. Let us know what you decide! You can go wrong. Both are such classic silhouette.

    You are so sweet! My outfit was too spring/summer for the bag. I’ve been trying to channel spring/summer to battle the Seattle rain. :lol:
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