Space for guys modeling their Hermès

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous!
  2. Do any of you gents happen to own an H leather jacket?

    I’m considering one of the étrivière lambskin models from the new season, but this will be my first piece of leather RTW and I’m not sure how these things wear/age/upkeep that may be required.

    Will obviously discuss with my SA but I’m concerned I’ll get the typical don’t get it wet etc. which as we know with most leather goods isn’t quite so clear cut.

    Basically, are these jackets only to be worn on bright sunny days, with no straps hung over my shoulder, or are they a little tougher than that and more akin to a Togo of the bag world leather?

    Would love any feedback or advice you may well have!
  3. Gorgeous! Is this Etain with Bleu Saphir?
  4. Here pics of mine! I abused this cardholder like crazy, stretched it out, fit about 6 cards plus folded cash. I retired it for a while and now just use it for my train pass and work card. The swift miraculously has showed no wear. I even got a pen mark on it once and I mistakenly used rubbing alcohol to rub the ink out, the leather still looks stunning!

    IMG_2987.JPG IMG_2988.JPG
  5. Thanks everyone! I am absolutely delighted with my depeche. Can’t wait for it to stop raining so that I can start using it!

    Thank you. I love the colour combo.

    Thank you very much! I am glad that the colour combo turns out to my liking. I kept worrying that it will turn out to be weird! Haha.

    Thank you!

    Thank you. Yes you are spot on! The etain changes quite a bit depending on the lighting. Below is a pic with brighter light and it shows the colour better I think.

    Attached Files:

  6. Wow!!!!! Amazing. How long did you wait? I currently have one on order!
  7. Thanks! Over 2 years! So glad that it finally arrived haha.
  8. I own one Hermes and a few from Seraphin (the atelier that makes Herme's jackets). So Hermes/Seraphin leather jackets are some of the best money can buy, they are on a tier above any other brand (perhaps except ZILLI-same level). You can read more here:
    and here:

    Longevity and durability are just like any jacket honestly, you don't have to baby them too much. I've even been in pouring rain with my untreated lambskin jackets and they are completely fine. One thing that may need changing though in a few years of wear is the inside lining though, which is the norm for any high-end silk lined jacket.
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  9. The SA that was helping me told me this info...

    Thank you for your input! I will start using mine with no fear!
  10. Thanks SO much for sharing, I'll read up on links you posted.

    The design I'm interested in has arrived in my boutique, but not in the colour I'm looking for. I'm still going to try it out to get a feel for size/fit etc, but just wanted to be prepared as it's a big investment!
  11. Agreed. For me fit is most important. I've seen way too many people wearing these ridiculous Supreme or LV clothes way too big since it was on sale or it was the only one they could find. Don't let the clothes wear you, clothes are their to make you look better.

    One really difficult thing about Hermes clothes is they don't make too many RTW (like in size 34/44 my SA told me there's like 3 or 2 in the world) and usually they go to Asia so it can be rlly hard to find the right size.
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  12. I have a citizen twill trifold wallet and its in swift and silk in. with mine, the cards do fall out if you shake the wallet upside down. Though with mine the cards sit vertically inside instead of horizontally like the classic card holder, not sure if card case has the same issue.
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  13. what are the color combo? blue sapphire and etoupe?
  14. Bleu sapphire and etain :smile:
  15. Saturday vibes with Mr Birkin 40 Noir...

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