Space for guys modeling their Hermès

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  1. I rem they had lots Feb 2017... I think the some of those were still there when I was last in London Mar 2018.
  2. Just saw this! The Prada bag!
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  3. There are still some leftover in Canada and US online boutique
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  6. Completely agree! I thought the price was steep as well.
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  7. DHs V-day gift
    Noir Togo PHW B40
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  9. I have finally found the card case I been searching for: a Citizen Twill in EPSOM and Black
    I always loved the simple design of this card case but haven’t pulled the trigger until now because it was only available in Swift Leather (which tends to stretch and cards falling out)
    I liked the sturdier Epsom but I am still concerned about the leather not holding cards in place because of the less durable silk interior. Is there anyway to give less stress to the leather (i.e putting only 2-3 cards even if 5 is the limit for the card case)
    Can anyone shed light in this issue?Thanks!!!
  10. Who told you that swift will stretch and silkin is less durable?
  11. I have two swift citizen twill cardholders and mine have aged beautifully with no stretching or cards falling out. But I do like the epsom one a lot! Epsom is much sturdier! What color is the inside? Also, the silk is surprisingly very durable. You will really enjoy this little guy!
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  12. This 100%
  13. Hi all, I am excited to share my latest acquisition. Just collected my SO this weekend and can’t wait to use this awesome depeche. It turns out to be quite a good size for me and could fit all my day to day documents etc.

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  14. Congratulations
    Very manly combo
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  15. lucky lucky lucky
    and you made such a good selection