Space for guys modeling their Hermès

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  1. Indeed! I love that the Steve evokes that classic age of travel and exploration, a little like a classic Leica rangefinder camera! Which is something I feel the paired back and pure look of some of the City bags can lack.
    When they have an interesting form, like the CityBack or CityHall, they work for me, but the more traditionally shaped messengers are perhaps not destined for me!
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  2. Oh, I love this one, I didn't notice during the show. I agree it should be a bit bigger, but it's a great idea. I think I would like it even more in something like blue clemence though.
  3. I’ve been told the barda is ‘discontinued’... doubt you will see new ones produced for the next few years.
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  4. Comes with an adjustable, detachable strap, though I'm not sure if it is long enough to be crossbody. It looks like it, though
    Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 07.14.19.png

    Also comes in vertical
    Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 07.13.47.png
  5. @FreddieMac: They used to have « Barda » galore at NBS not so long ago (I’d say max a year). I even used to think that their display cabinet upstairs was extremely boring because that was all they ever had on the shelves. Did you ask? I wouldn’t be surprised if they still had one in stock.
  6. Thanks, I may have to check this out, although form the dims, it may be 'too' small - I'm clearly like Goldilocks!!!
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  7. Thanks for the heads up, but I think my heart is really set on one day tracking down a Steve Caporal.

    I think the Barda is a smidge too casual looking and the lack of any form of 'closure' unnerves me a little for city touring. I did almost buy one in gold a few years back in from the Tours store, but it just didn't quite have my heart.
  8. There is a Steve caporal for sale on the Canadian we site
  9. There are two in the US site. Also a Barda. Clearly the best ones are on the other side of the pond :smile:
  10. I used to have a Steve Caporal but it was too small for me once I needed to start carrying a laptop to meetings.

    The Barba has always been a bag i have not been a fan on. Not sure why. I have seen many Barba’s in the US boutiques
  11. I also wanted a smaller crossbody bag but found the Steve Caporal to be a little too plain for me. I got a Chanel boy bag and I find it to be perfect for this need. I used to a have a New Medium but sold that and went with a Mini Boy Bag. It’s perfect.
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  12. Thanks, but yes, sadly these little bad boys are on the wrong side of the ocean! Plus, although I would probably chose black, the lack of any real choice of colours bugs me - imagine a gorgeous malachite or similar?

    I wonder if the Caporal can be produced by SO? I may have to enquire with my SA, although there is allegedly a new smaller crossbody coming this season, I have a feeling it's something in the Flash series.
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    I thought the Steve Caporals with an interesting contrasting lining were the best.
    It is important to know what you intend to carry in them.
    Something like the Barda with its wide rounded corners wouldn't be very good for softback books on the one hand or wider tablets with very square corners.
    The former could get dog-eared by the bag and the latter might poke the corners of the bag.
    I took some large scores with me into NBS a while ago and discounted a Steve for the first reason.
  14. Good advice - I've actually got an ageing bag of the same general dims as the Caporal, but in a N/S orientation, so I'm good on the size. This is my ideal small city travel bag, enough space for a wallet, passport, maybe an iPad, eReader or headphones for the plane, but just the basics generally.

    I'm sure the right bag will find me when it's needed!
  15. Not available for SO this season. Only Steve Light, only in Togo and only single color. Boring. lol
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