Space for guys modeling their Hermès

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    I love seeing closets. Please start posting photos!
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  2. Here are some examples I found online.....probably a combination of “real life” & “staged”.....
    2A4DDCAB-3D8C-4BE5-A306-B10053D08AB3.jpeg 63742FD7-9144-4622-8C79-223B864E2D56.jpeg
    For a man & his dog....
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  3. White tee, jeans, Birkin

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  4. Thanks for the photos! Is the flap magnetic or is it just gravity that keeps it closed?
  5. I've been there some years ago and was told it was unusual when I brought mine, hence my question. I don't understand how carrying bags has an impact on dental care and I'm sorry if my comment came off as offensive.
  6. Sorry, that was a bad joke related to a stereotype it sounded like you were suggesting. No offense taken!
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  7. Cheers guys!
    I am currently thinking about hunting for a bigger HERBAG - like a 50cm-size - to use it as a travel bag instead of my LV KEEPALL55. Anybody here using this size of the HERBAG and/or having any experiences?
  8. I'm not sure about existing availability, but I believe larger sized Herbags may be on the way next season - they've been featured quite prominently on the resort and SS19 runway shows. Bit of eye candy attached, with more on the Vogue site (you can browse between seasons at the bottom of the page).
    _LLL0814.jpg _ARC0171.jpg
  9. Thank you so much for the pictures - the first one looks great, seems to be big enough as a week-ender.
  10. Hey everyone,

    I'm being offered a B35 in Blue encre with gold hardware. Has anyone seen this color in person? Is it a true blue? Some comments mentioned it has purple undertones but my SA said it's blue. Thanks!
  11. I believe there’s a thread with more photos but here’s a comparison between bleu encre clemence and Bleu Electrique epsom.

    PS: I want the exact same bag but I have to wait. I would grab it but of course you have to like it :happydance:
    99E4D248-0B49-4FB7-8C01-F49AC547D923.jpeg D044C65A-BE6D-40A2-8EFC-C7B192DF9ADC.jpeg 5D728066-5BDF-4771-ADCF-614F31B0DA23.jpeg
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  12. Yes check out the blue encre thread
    Many useful information
  13. Bit of sleuthing following the womenswear S/S PR image leak, and I found of the the men's collection 12-sac-haut-a-courroies-cosmos-photo-vicente-sahuc-e6045e.jpg.png 12-sac-cityslide-cross-photo-vicente-sahuc-99aac3.jpg.png 11-sac-etriviere-shoulder-photo-vicente-sahuc-0bf11c.jpg.png 13-sac-hermes-ultrapla-photo-vicente-sahuc-ccd058.jpg.png 14-portefeuille-photo-vicente-sahuc-5ab366.jpg
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  14. Shoes...
    screenshot-2018-10-16-at-19-13-23-bbaf94.png screenshot-2018-10-16-at-19-13-30-c8f8c3.png screenshot-2018-10-16-at-19-13-38-f409ea.png screenshot-2018-10-16-at-19-13-46-0549e9.png screenshot-2018-10-16-at-19-15-09-b3159f.png
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  15. Accessories...
    40-ceinture-photo-vicente-sahuc-4bacca.jpg.png 57-bracelet-photo-vicente-sahuc-1267a5.jpg.png 62-montre-carre-h-f96a79.jpg.png 47-chapeau-photo-vicente-sahuc-45dff6.jpg.png 48-chapeau-photo-vicente-sahuc-f31c95.jpg.png screenshot-2018-10-16-at-19-15-53-c73c08.png screenshot-2018-10-16-at-19-16-08-b4c31f.png
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