Space for guys modeling their Hermès

  1. IMG_9991.jpg Hello... ready for a ride with my new baby.

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  3. Niiiiiiice! Have you tried K25 yet? Would love to see that on you!!!!
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  4. I tríed one and it was not for me. It is very formal. Im totally Birkin. I Order my first constance in black with rosegold and lime in té interior. The shape is perfect more than a kelly.
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  5. So glad you posted this! I had the pleasure of meeting you at H that day, you were so sweet! You admired my Barenia Faubourg while I was admiring your lovely B30. Hope you had fun in Chicago.Hugs
  6. Omg you are that fabulous lady with the gorgeous barenia faubourg B35 :heart::heart::heart: my personal HG bag. Hopefully I made it clear how jealous I was and how fabulous you looked. :loveeyes:
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  7. Okay, I'd like you guys (and gals) to weigh in. Bought this second hand from a reputable reseller - first pre-loved HAC. Well, actually first pre-loved Hermes. It's a 36 cm, I'm not sure which of the many rouges it is, but I'm sure the brilliant Mrs. Giles will fill me tomorrow when I send in for authentication/market value - it's raining here in North Carolina and she prefers photos in natural sunlight so I must wait until the rain stops. I wanted a 36 cm because as much as I love my 40 it really is too large (personally, for me) to tote to my employer's many different offices. I wanted rouge because I'm fun like that, but am now second guessing my decision. I wanted box calf because I want to beat the @#$% out of it without worrying about scratches and surface rubs, this is especially true given that it's already used AND I paid about 50% of new retail for a comparable Birkin/HAC in this size. I've been eyeing it for months and finally made a pretty low offer after it failed to sell, I assume because it's quite a large bag for a female and the color is...unusual for a male. I have not removed the security tag yet because I'm not entirely sure I'm keeping it. Please give me thoughts on color and appropriateness for work-related outings.
    Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 10.59.23 AM.png
  8. I think it’s quite stunning! The color is gorgeous and my favorite thing about the HAC models is that it’s a more north/south shape. I like taller bags.
  9. Great bag. Keep it.
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  10. Honestly given that you are in NC might I be wrong to assume that carrying a bag would be more "surprising" to some than the fact that it's red? I would almost consider the color a neutral, at least for being outside the navy/black/brown spectrum even for a guy. It's beautiful.
  11. Not a HAC fan but that leather is damned beautiful. At least in Seattle, bright red isn't an unusual color on guys.
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  12. I think you should ask DocRide's opinion
  13. Yes, you would be wrong to assume that. I live in the largest city in the state and region. We all have teeth here.
  14. *sigh* I see all the magnificent looking closets in here as we're showing off bags, and I can only hope one day we see a 'Space For Guy's Hermes Closet Tour' thread somewhere in here....:heart:
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  15. Keep! :heart: