Space for guys modeling their Hermès

  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hi guys! I recently got a Mini Strap You from Fendi. I used it to elongated the strap of my GM Evelyne I bag, now I can carry it crossbody

    I can also just use the mini strap to carry the bag like a tote or by the crook of my arm. Thank You for letting me share.
  2. My new Wallago Cabine traveling via donkey. lol
  3. The only way to go!
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  4. I've always loved the pegase d'hermes scarf design, but since I'm a guy and inherently don't use scarfs that much, I found out Hermes made some very exclusive goat suede bomber jackets with the pegase d'hermes print etched and cutout in the back!

  5. So after a TON of debating, contacting and looking through Dior's handbags and even a mini splurge for a Kenzo handbag I got on sale, I think I'm going to take your advice and go with the Evelyne 33 bag. The size is very close to my old satchel BUT my only concern is that the Canadian website shows it only one colour option, etain gris (enh). Please tell me that if I go in store I can get the Evelyne in different colours...

    The Halzan, while great, is a bit more out of my price range sadly, but if somehow I get a windfall of money, I'd choose that.
  6. OMG I LOVE THAT COLOR! That's the colour I want for mine when I get it in a few months time!
  7. 12FF8669-C621-4071-8489-8A9FAAE8EE3B.jpeg Brunchin’ with my Birkin...

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  8. The Evelyne comes in a ton of different colors (and in different leathers too). But you won’t know what color/leather combinations they have in stock until you visit your store and ask. You may be lucky and find exactly what you are looking for the first time, or you may have to wait a while for the right bag...
  9. WOW!
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  10. Little Hermes corner in my closet

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  11. Here's some more close up photos of the pegase d'hermes print:
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  12. Have any of you taken advantage of the H custom program? I’d like to know what that experience was like and what you had made- shirts? Suits? Sports coat?

    I saw a post where PurseBop’s husband had a custom jacket made with H scarves as the lining. Has anyone had this done? And do you think I can source older design H scarves if I don’t prefer any current ones for a lining?

    Thank you all in advance!!!
  13. Yea do this the scarf lining you have to #1. Have two pairs of the scarf. They don't have to be new as long as you have 2 pairs. It takes 2 scarves to do the lining usually. If you want to do custom/bespoke jackets or blousons contact the NYC Hermes and ask fro Generoso. He handles all the custom stuff.
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  14. 71B804E5-A1F7-4124-AA88-E54AB590357F.jpeg Got a H Sangle 50mm strap - fun for my Evln GM in Bleu Abyss
  15. Wow, would be a gorgeous lining! csetcos, if you go ahead with a custom piece, I'd love to see it when complete!
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