Space for guys modeling their Hermès

  1. 25AF475B-FEE9-4A7D-A300-E1CD387CC432.jpeg Happy New Year Guys!

    Just more basic accessories. Nothing exciting.

    Me with triple black Hapi bracelet.

    Best friend with matching chocolate brown belt and CDC set.
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  2. Simple understated style - love it!
  3. :hugs:
  4. My 2018 1st purchase Cape cod TGM size in burgundy dial and double tour strap.
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  5. I LOVE the colour of the sunray dial, especially paired with a matching strap!
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  6. Thank you...I am so happy the other store was willing to transfer the watch out.
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  7. #8437 Jan 7, 2018
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    Jige GM Box
    Kelly Depeche Epsom
    Sac a Depeche Ardennes
    Kelly 40 Box GHW
    Kelly 40 Togo PHW
    Kelly Lakis 40 Box and Canvass
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