Space for guys modeling their Hermès

  1. Perhaps a Evelyne TGM? It’s pretty large, and is crossbody. If you’re smart and know where to shop, you may luck out and find a Kelly 50, or a Kelly 40. The thing with those two is to check the length of the strap.
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  2. Thanks!! I got it at a souvenir shop in myrtle beach years ago! I never really used it until I got this bag and found it to be a perfect match lol
  3. If you can...I'd look in the pre-loved market. You can get an amazing bag for so much cheaper! And you can get it authenticated here or use a paid service too! You can get a nice bolide or something, it has a top handle and a shoulder strap!
  4. Im contemplating that route. My fear is the chance if it might be fake. A part of me feels like I should start a relationship with an SA as going to check online though in the preloved dept
  5. I agree, although authentication is pretty accurate here and with A4U or Bababebi. Also, ordering from reputable websites helps because they tend to be authentic. But authentication should give you peace of mind.
  6. Thanks ! It's great!
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  7. If I go the route of purchasing at my local Hermes, how do I go about getting a color I'd like? I saw the Evelyne and the Garden Party but I'd really love them in a nice green or vibrant blue.
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  8. Simply ask what they have available! I was shown several different shades of blue when I bought my Evie GM several months ago. I had maybe 4-5different colors in the blue family to choose from. I ultimately chose Bleu Paradise. I know I had Blue jean, bleu paon, bleu Zanzibar, bleu electrique, and I want to say bleu nuit. IMG_1514839516.010226.jpg
  9. Oh it's that simple?! That's reassuring and a load off my chest. I've heard stories of people being neglected and or ignored completely when asking for bags. I personally don't have much of any relationship with a particular SA so I was worried.

    I LOVE that blue you chose btw! I think that color will sit in the back of mind when I'm choosing colors.
  10. It should be that simple! This color is a chameleon. It can be neutral or a nice pop of blue!
  11. Happy New Year!


    Wearing noir Jige Elan and Fall 17 Chelsea boots.
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  12. Wow, these are all so great! I’ve been trying to convince my hubby that he can totally rock an Hermes bag... if only so he’ll let us get a Birkin as a diaper bag :loveeyes:
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    First exotic of 2018!



    Vision agenda in varanus niloticus monitor lizard

    The green is iridescent and brings out the scale pattern beautifully! I couldn't resist adding this to my collection
    D7E326F2-8C64-42CA-9E42-E661ECC22B6D.jpeg E6FC84E3-C224-4225-B5A6-B14ADAA8A99D.jpeg