Space for guys modeling their Hermès

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  2. I really wish there was a bag with the proportions of the Birkin and shorter handles of the HAC. The HAC 50 has better proportions than the HAC 40, but the HAC 50 honestly can really be pulled off by really tall people (aka Hermes's models) because it's so huge.

    A bag with Birkin proportions in 45 with the short handles of the HAC would by my dream:smile:.
  3. I was offered the HAC 40 in Gris Tourterelle and the Birkin 40 in Noir. Both were in Clemence if I'm not mistaken.
  4. One problem is that the bases get proportionally deeper back to front as the width increases - making the wider ones very deep against your legs
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  5. maybe this is what you are looking for
    it's vintage piece from Japan, B45 with short handles. it's 1.08mil yen now.
    IMG_5242.PNG IMG_5241.PNG IMG_5240.PNG IMG_5239.PNG
  6. Would you kindly give a view on the differing proportions of these two styles in 40?
  7. Can you do a modeling pic of this bag? Thanks! Love this!
  8. I'm about 5'5-5'6, and I found the HAC 40 far too long, to the point that it looks like it might drag on the ground if I'm not careful.

    The proportions looked rather off on me, and it looked more like a travel bag than a tote. It didn't help that the HAC felt much heavier compared to the Birkin.

    I definitely preferred the Birkin 40, evidently, since I took the B40 Noir home that day! :smile:
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  9. Not me but a Japanese guy I found on IG.


    Holy croc batman!
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  10. What a nice idea this Alexander McQueen skeleton! I heard from the Paris AMQ boutique that the last one in silver tone is at Milan boutique (only the gold tone version could be purchased via the AMQ website)... Fortunately I finally found one in silver tone at a reseller corner in Paris (Galeries Lafayette). Meanwhile I have identified several websites proposing this charm (e.g.
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  11. what is his IG ID?
  12. ah wait, the Japanese guy stole the pic from a Chinese guy. lol

    the real source of the pic is linlinlinlu from IG
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  13. Sure! Let me get my day going and I'll snap a pic or two
  14. You are our resident "try on" person. You're like a virtual mannequin. lol
  15. Does this mean I get the mannequin plastic surgery upgrades?
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