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  1. A little weekend beach Birkin IMG_1497704500.406016.jpg
  2. Out and about in Harrods with my Noir Clemence Birkin 40...


  3. I only use my Birkin on the weekends, but it is on the heavier side. I do love the proportions of it on me, but I think if I were to get a second one, I would look into getting a 35 next for some variety.
  4. Yeah, I would love a 40 but I'm thinking of getting a 35 as well in the future, so that I'd get more use out of it. F**k the haters. lol
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  5. Yeah life's too short to give a flying rat's arse about haters...
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  6. You should try both 35 and 40 in front of the mirror and see what suits you.
    I know this is very hard having he fact not all boutiques have samples of the bag.
    I did this about 3 times, I wanted the 35 because is lighter (just slightly) than the 40.
    I just couldn't deny the fact the 35 looked and felt like a ladies purse on me... :sad: I think is so different from person to person I just felt i couldnt pull it off. Some guys here rock the 35 Kelly and Birkin, I hope you do if that's the one you want
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  7. I guess it's because I was too traumatized by the size of the HAC 40 that now I'm leaning towards a Birkin 35, even though I haven't really seen a Birkin 40 up close.
    I do hope though that they make the Birkin Sellier a permanent thing because that solves the issue of weight, although it wasn't really the weight that bothered me with the HAC (I guess). It was the bulk. A coworker remarked that I look like I'm always going to the airport. It is really a travel bag. :biggrin:
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  8. The B40 and HAC40 have completely different feels and also vibes. Give both the B40 and 35 a try and see what you like!! Sycomore gave some sound advice. You may also go with one and then after prolonged use, decide it's not right for you. It's all a great H learning process
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  9. Thank you. I will. I hope when my local store opens they have both for me to try out.
  10. Agree 100% on the difference between HAC and B40. When I was in Paris last year I was offered a HAC 40 and the bag is MUCH taller than the Birkin the bottom is also slightly wider.

    Allan another great option would be to hunt down a HAC 36 on the second hand market. I wish they still made that size, It was perfect for men.
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  11. Definitely agree on this. When I was offered my Birkin 40, I was also shown the HAC 40. Although it was a gorgeous colour, it felt markedly heavier compared to the Birkin, and the proportions looked off when I carried it, due to the bag being taller height-wise rather than lengthwise.
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  12. What color were you offered?
  13. Do you know if you can use the birkin 40 inserts (to keep the bag upright) on the HAC 40? or since the base is wider does it not work for both?
  14. Yes, there's one at Collectors Square but I don't like the colors :sad:
    Also, more expensive than a secondhand Birkin
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