Space for guys modeling their Hermès

  1. It's a shawl. :smile:
  2. Is the Asian man called Authenticite by any chance?
  3. This is a Japanese hair stylist....don't know his name. I actually mistook him for a woman when I was searching for Asian women with Birkins.....LOL
    6628248.jpg 6745186.jpg
  4. who are you referring to? most of the guys I posted are Asians (and a lot are... ehem... gaysians. :p).
  5. I give :ps: to everyone here!
  6. whoa...I haven't been in the H tPF forum in months..and I saw this...

    Thanks Bella for posting my pics....My jaw dropped when I saw my pics..and I thought..hmmm, that guy looked familiar...then I realized it!

    Yes..there's a lot of great guys on tPF, keep posting guys.
  7. :p
    I can't remember who asked about an Asian man that wears Hermes. Check out Authenticite on Flickr. He totally rocks his Birkins!
  8. ^^ The reason i mention this is i believe Authenticite is a Tpf member=)
  9. I've seen him. I think he's from the Philippines, although I suspect, of Chinese origins. He's also a reseller.
  10. Yeah he's from the phillipines; i think he wears them well:p
  11. You guys look amazing!!
  12. I love love this thread-Thank you for posting your pictures. Everyone looks awesome:heart::ps:
  13. Thanks for sharing :heart: Honestly they carry the bags better than I do :lol:
  14. DH wants to participate here too~ Here is DH and his Tibet ~

    titi heart.JPG
  15. Enjoying the pics, guys! But for a somewhat newbie Hermes lover, I can't always judge the size of the bag. Could I make a teeny-weeny request that even if no other text in the post, could you state the size and leather? I would so appreciate that!