Space for guys modeling their Hermès

  1. LOL!!! Looking at Sydspy I thought I walked into H's podium and défilé show!!!! Awesome awesome awesome!!!
  2. Jige document clutch is very nice and practical!!! Sorry Sydspy My practical side creeps in hehehe... You LOOK fab with all the clutches!!! XXX
  3. Hey fabulous bag n outlook
    Add more to ur fav evelyn
    Congrats n Gd taste
  4. Indeed sydspy always look so Gd n so many beautiful gorgeous H babies
    Make us so jealous lol
  5. He looks great is not just because of his H goodies... His energy is always POSITIVE and it comes across via all the nice photos!!!
  6. Looks great! and I like that you're wearing it the proper way with the H on the inside :p What leather is the evelyne?
  7. Clemence ... I like Clemence or Togo for Evelyne ... And I always carry all my Evelyne bags with the button facing out ( make sense for the ease of opening the bag) ...
  8. Is the clemence particularly heavy? Yeah makes sense on how to carry it. I'm thinking of one for an all the time throw around bag that I can just use when I need to run out of the house.
  9. just wondering does anyone have a Kelly Briefcase? I can't really find much on it, is it easily available and roughly how much!
  10. Togo is the lightest ... Clemence has a nicer 'hand' though... Evelynes are my "work Horse" so to speak and I have tried out my aunt's Jypsiere but too heavy for daily use
  11. I imagine togo is probably best. I have a clemence J and it is really heavy after a while. Now finding a togo E would be a challenge because it seems that nearly every one I come across is in clemence!
  12. I really enjoy seeing persons wear this bag the correct way. Looks great on you!
  13. Love it!

    From which brands are your stud shoes/loafers? They're amazing =)
  14. How do you guys wear your 140cm scarves? I m trying to get one for bf but wondering how it might look. TIA
  15. Yep , indeed ........I love using my H items....

    Thank you Thank you

    ooh , you have been too kind..........thank you thank you.......

    They are Christian Louboutin........