1. Hello everyone:
    I am new here and just became the proud owner of a 35 cm gold togo pal. hardware birkin last week! I want to especially thank all of the members on this forum that were so kind to me!

    I read a bunch of treads about bringing your bags to the store for a spa and I just wanted to know what this entails?

    Is it beneficial for all leathers or just for some? How long does it take? Do you need to show proof of purchase at a store or do they accept authentic bags that were purchased via third party resale?

  2. Wow congratulations!! You got my exact dream bag!

    They will accept an authentic bag with no questions asked, in my experience. How long a SPA service takes really depends on the condition of the bag--if there's not any visible damage and they're just giving it a nice "bath" and moisturizer, they usually only take about 2-3 weeks (I know it's too long to be without your bag though!!). If there is actual damage you are looking at 6 weeks +. In occasional situations they have to send the bag to Paris, and that can take forever and a day to get back. That's usually only for rather major stuff, though, like replacing whole panels or handles or something.

    All this is referring to the New York store, by the way (and I think most if not all H boutiques in the US do send their bags to NY for spa/refurbishment). It may be different other places.
  3. Congratulations on a fabulous new birkin! The color combo is so fantastic & an instant classic!

    I have a couple of bags at spa, and, because I am not near an H store that provides these services, I don't expect to see my babies for another few weeks (I sent them off at the beginning of July). All that said, I think these little trips are worth it. My bags always come back looking amazing!
  4. I sent my Kelly,purchased at a vintage store, off for a touch up at the H store in KOP,Pa and it took 3 wks. A year later I sent it off for a repair and it took 6 weeks-a long time to b without it !
  5. What is the going price for a spa if bag doesn't have a major issue?
  6. I think about $80-$100.

  7. Thank you! That's not bad at all!
    When I do battery change and cleaning for my Cartier Watch, I paid $400.....I was assuming Hermes to be worse.:p
  8. I have a question. I have not taken my Kelly to be reconditioned but the corners are showing a little wear and I think I should. I do not live near a boutique anymore but I will be in New York in October. If I take it into the Madison Avenue store, will they mail it to me when it is ready or will I need to go back and pick it up? I am sorry if this is a stupid question but I am curious.
  9. I do know this...if you live in say...Texas...those bags are sent to California. Mine was gone for 2 months...and cost $80.00.
  10. My spa visit took one week. I am picking it up today!!!!
    I needed the corners retouched and the hardware. I can't wait to see it.
  11. Does the spa also clean/refurbish smaller pieces, or just the larger bags? Thanks!
  12. They also refurbish smaller pieces such as wallets.
  13. Thanks, hello! Are they typically good at getting marks off leather?:flowers:

  14. Very true GM. I dropped my 32cm Black HAC off for some Spa treatment to the handles and a general overall cleaning. It goes to Beverly Hills and the cost is 80.00. Turn around time is six weeks due to the person being on vacation when I sent it.

    And thats the scoop from Texas!!:heart:
  15. Yes, they should mail it to you, though you will pay extra for shipping.

    I dropped mine off while on vacation and the H in Hawaii mailed it back to me in Minnesota. Shipping was an extra $50.