Spa treatments

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  1. I'm sure somebody has gone over this already but I can't find it. Sorry if I'm repeating a question. I was wondering when it comes to spa treatments for our bags, are we suppose to bring them in regularly (once a year or once every two years etc.) regardless of the condition of the bag? What I mean is that if my Birkin looks good with no obvious signs of wear or damage, am I suppose to bring it in to maintain it, or should I bring it in only when it's showing signs of wear. TIA for the info.
  2. I haven't done this yet but from what I gather it is a matter of personal preference. Some leathers are more high-maintenance than others such as box leather v. togo... you know?
  3. If it needs attention (stain, scuffing) bring it in as needed. But just to keep the leather nice and for general upkeep, my SA says not to bring the bag in every year. Too many spa treatments DO wear down the leather. MAYBE every three years or so. For box leather, I'd do it every other year unless there is an issue with it.
  4. here is an elementary questtion:

    Does is cost? If so, how much? how long does it take?
  5. Thanks GT, that's the answer I was looking for :yes: .
  6. Candace,
    I just had an older birkin done. The SAs said that it could run from $80 upwards. When the bag was returned to me it cost nothing. Quite a surprise.
  7. Lovely info.
  8. I just got my Trim back from a cleaning and it absolutely looks like new -- polished hardware and everything! They got out a nasty grease stain on the front (everyone's on this board's heard the tale of the donut and the Trim....) and it cost $50.
  9. Wow! That's great news. Totally worth the $50 I'm sure. So if I send in a bag with scratched hw it will come back polished? Now, I like dat!:yes:
  10. I just had an old Birkin refurbished and it looks fabulous!!!!! it was supposed to be 80 bucks but no charge after. I can't beleive what they did to this bag, it came back looking brand new!!!! The leather had started to come apart on the gummy part f the trim,... all gone, brand new bag!
  11. Hi, I sent my bags in for a spa treatment to Paris via Vienna/Austria. I thought it would be cheaper but I paid EUR 150 PER BAG (that's like USD 200 per bag). So, the price may well depend on where you drop off your bag. It took 6 weeks. They would have shipped it back to me free of charge though. I believe one of the 'expensive' elements is if the bag needs to be sent off somewhere rather than having it treated in-house.
  12. about how long does it take till you get your bag back?
  13. Mine took ca. 6 weeks, but it was sent away.
  14. Mines took 3 weeks. I'm right here in NY.
  15. thanks hello