Spa treatment/refurbishing

  1. First, I apologize if there's a handy existing thread that I should be looking at for this information. Without the search function the past few days, I know I'm missing helpful references that are already here.

    My first Birkin (35cm black box by a master craftsman!) is on its way from a consignment seller in New Jersey. It's supposed to look pristine, but in case it isn't, or for future reference once I have corner wear, etc. from my own use, I wanted to ask about spa treatments. I know that Hermes tracks purchases globally. Will there be any issue if I take the bag in for treatment and they don't have a record of me purchasing it? I assume there won't, since it seems like a number of people have sent in pre-loved bags, but wanted to know what kind of reception I'll get from them. Thanks!
  2. No worries at all; they won't ask you about the origins of the bag unless it's just in casual conversation or you bring it up. Just bring it in and say that you just want it to be refurbished/touched-up whatever the case may be and they'll assess it, take your info down and that's it! Congratulations on your new beauty! Black box and a master craftsman--perfect!
  3. I can't imagine it being an issue. Like you said, plenty of people on these boards have bough pre-owned items (myself included) and had them serviced. I certainly have never been asked where my items came from by H staff. I also just recently had an old Chanel bag repaired, noone cared where I got it from but the service was first class ;) Miss Pru is going to spa next week too.
  4. Just be prepared to be patient! For some reason, it seems Hermes is running in slow motion!
  5. I've never been asked where or when I bought anything except for one vintage piece that was over 20 years old and then it was just casual conversation to the tune of "wow nobody ever used this it seems". So rest assured, you won't have any of that to deal with. I mainly love this best about Hermes, that the service is transferable. Regardless of the person owning the bag, if it is authentic Hermes they will fix any issue.
  6. Ditto.
  7. Actually, is that really the case? I mean, they can't seem to check other store's inventories so how can they keep tabs of who bought what World-wide? I know the stores keep a record of what you bought from that particluar store but do they really know if you bought something elsewhere?
  8. Well, here in England I use three Hermes stores, one in Manchester and two in London.

    In this country there is a computer system where they store a list of what you have purchased, which can be accessed from any store in this country.

    I'm not sure about Worldwide though.
  9. Yup, I shop at more than one UK shop too. I noticed that they don't always ask if you are on their database and access your account when you pay so does that mean that some purchases are not noted down?

    This is fascinating :upsidedown:
  10. They *try* to track in the US but the results haven't been very complete.
  11. Oops, I may very well be wrong. I think I'd read that that was the case, which was what made me nervous. But of course now I don't remember where I saw it.:shrugs:

    Thank you for the reassurance -- I was pretty sure it wouldn't be an issue from what I'd read of other's experience, but wanted to make sure I knew how things might go when I go in. Hopefully the bag will be as pristine as the store said it is, and I won't have to do a thing to it for a while anyway!!