Spa treatment for Chevre

  1. Has anyone ever had their chevre bag brought in to be spruced up?

    How was it before the sprucing? How much better after?

    (Don't know anyone who has had one...that had it to the spa)
  2. Oh KB, mine's at the spa right'll be awhile--Dec-- before we're reunited so I'll have to wait to report back. I took it in to get the little nicks touched up; she said for something so small normally it'd be a quick turnaround, but unfortunately I picked a time right when Manuela had surgery so I told her I wasn't in a rush and would be back in Dec. to pick it up. Will let you know how it looks then.
  3. Beautiful! I would love a full report.

    Keep me posted!
  4. Nope, but my grandmother had a goat (back in europe), took it it for a shave...was never the same again...:shrugs: milk was bad after that.:yucky:

    :lol: no, really!

  5. LMAO!!!:lol:
  6. May I ask, why would you shave a goat?:confused1: :confused1: :shrugs:
  7. If I were a bit bolder, I would share a story about someone who saw a chevre bag being and what she described it to look like!!! YIKES!!!
  8. Maybe it had a date that evening...
  9. .....with Baa-baraaaa!
  10. because it had a goatee?

  11. I had to ask, I had to ask..........
  12. I haven't seen a thread lately that made me crack up like this. Now, where is Grands Fonds?
  13. LOL DQ! What is it about Chevre? Remember the "Feed me Chevre" thread?

    KB, now you're scaring me...the thought of my 30cm being reconditioned...uh-oh. happy thoughts... happy thoughts....
  14. I may get bolder as the day rolls prepared!
  15. to make me my cashmere sweater, and a yearly flea removal:rolleyes: