Spa/Towel Wraps

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  1. Do u guys know where i can get a towel wrap with the velcro straps for lounging after coming from the shower? U know something so that u dont have to keep readjusting your towel while doing your hair or makeup...I hope im making sense lol...sometimes they're terrycloth & look similar to swim coverups. Help...i cant find any except online & I'd rather buy it in a store TIA!!!!
  2. I know exactly what you're talking about. I actually bought one at Bed, Bath and Beyond many years ago. No idea if they are still there, but it's worth a shot.

    Target may have them also. If all else fails, you can probably get by with using an actual bathing suit cover-up.
  3. Oh man I have three of these but I bought all of mine online... does 'thro' have actual stores? That's where I got my most recent one!
  4. didnt see any at target but i'll try bb&b thanks!!
  5. Try victoria's secret. I bought a terry one during their last semi annual sale online for 19.99. I think it's from their "PINK" line.
  6. ^That's what I was gonna suggest. I'm not sure if VS has them right now, but they make them off and on