Spa Rules?

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have since acquired 3 H bags, all brand new. and one day all of them will be going to the spa. I heard that they won't accept any DIYs. does this include applying leather cleansers? I've done that because of jeans color transfer (they came right off BTW).

  2. I would bet there would be no problem.
  3. I think you would have to really make a mess of your bag before it would be refused at the spa. I know that Claude is not wild about Doc's waterproofing for box, but I think he will accept bags where this has been done unless a hopeless mess has been made.

    All these bags need is a light touch of Meltonian once or twice a year and a good buffing. No different than antique wood - more is NOT better. I have never water-proofed my bbKelly and with that light coating of clear Meltonian (I use it twice a year as this is a 1974 bag and it's leather can be a bit thirstier than newer leather), any drops of rain or snow just wipe right off - they sort of "bead-up" on the leather.

    What I do is carry a microfiber washcloth in my bag when the weather is iffy. I can then wipe it off immediately. Now don't get me wrong - I would NOT carry it in pouring rain when I was going to be walking around in a large city - but for car to store, it is fine.

    Where Hermes will totally draw the line is repairs done by someone other than Hermes. One cannot have a handle repaired at ones local leather shop, not like the work, and then take it in to the spa - it will be refused.
  4. I would never touch my birkins. I would send them to the spa even for meltonian touches.
  5. Claude has not refused any bag of mine - including those Blackrocked and obernaufed. He has commented on the beauty of my B & O-ed box leather bags. (I have not mentioned B&O specifically to him though).

    I have asked (and had my SA ask) about whether Hermes will do or recommends any weatherproofing of bags - the answer is always no, hermes will not weatherproof nor do they recommend anything but meltonian polish.

    I have been told my my madison ave SA that H does not recommend their own saddle products for bags either. (Just for saddles).

    This is only my personal experience, I cannot obviously speak for anyone else.

  6. I used one to remove salt marks from the snow when baby wipes can't do it anymore. I love it.
  7. Actually, this is not strictly speaking true. They do recommend their products for cleaning and moisturizing bags made from the saddle leathers, and they work beautifully. As for the application of anything other than Meltonian, I have been told several times by several SAs that they do not recommend it and that bags may be refused by Paris if anything is done to them. I'm not willing to take the chance.
  8. years ago i had a pigskin LA bag that i used meltonian on and i used too much--it caked and dried white in all the little crevices of the pigskin. i brought it to claude --he laughed at me-- and took it and they cleaned it up good as new
  9. I don't think Hermes can "prove" that a bag has been treated with Blackrock's or Obenauf's. But, caution always prevails. When you buy a bag pre-owned, you also have no idea how it was treated prior to your owning it.
  10. I've just brought my Birkin in to have a few things cleaned. It was an on the spot job and free (!!).The artisan polished the palladium hardware (it had some weird black spots) and mended a few tiny nicks. I was silly enough to try a teeny tiny bit of leather glue (okay, stupid!) to repair 2 very tiny tears on my bag. It was a bad job which she fixed up very quickly.

    I've also polished my bag with Meltonian a year before. The only thing she mentioned was how rare the leather/color combo was and that my Birkin looked utterly new despite its age.
  11. Thank You:
    Lulilu, India, Costa, 880, AllanRVJ (I LOVE Glee too!!!!), Mistikat, Hermesaholic, Castorny & Birkingal!!!

    thanks for the comments, everyone!

    my main concern is really just jeans color transfer because it doesn't snow where i live. and i'd also want my clemences to have a little sheen & not look flat.

    anybody have problems with jeans color transfer? what do you do? i plan to buy a jypsiere in a dark blue but looking at the yummy colors i might succumb to a blue jean or curry.

    Is clemence ok in the rain? i just remembered i plan on brining my Evelyne sightseeing on an upcoming trip.

    thanks! :tup:
  12. baileylab i used my clemence lindy once in a sudden tropical downpour, so heavy i could not see a thing! it was in the rain for perhaps a minute. i made a beeline for the loo and wiped it down. most importantly the inside was dry. so far i've no prob with that lindy. i think the leathers are way hardier than we make them out to be.
  13. Thanks, Loves!!!
  14. I think jeans color transfer is one of the few things the spa can't fix...
  15. oh mthe color comes off after i wipe it. it's just that i heard somewhere Hermes won't spa your bags if they're DIY. so i don't know if wiping them with leather conditioner counts as DIY.