Spa report on Chevre

  1. This week my rouge vif chevre birkin came back from the spa. I had recently purchased it from Jemznjewels--overall it was in very good condition but the corners were quite scuffed. I had read somewhere here that for chevre, it wouldn't be re-dyed.

    I was very, very happy when my birkin came home this week--the corners were definitely dyed--all scuffs gone and corners are again a rich beautiful red!!

    I'm posting pics beause it is very hard to capture the detail, and I don't have any close up before pics.

    The cost of the spa treatment was $104 (this also incuded repairing one of the leather strips on the bottom) and took 6 weeks.

    Hooray for great H service!
  2. that is fantastic ck21. congratulations. i love hearing about terrific h service.
  3. Great. You are going to love that bag. Chevre is amazing and I'm sure it really pops in Red.
  4. Good to know! I need to send my chevre bolide for a deep scratch fix!
  5. That sounds great! I'll need to be taking one of mine in sometime as well, you're inspiring!
  6. Great news.
  7. Can't wait to see pix. I would love to have a chevre birkin or HAC one day so this seals the deal!
  8. I can't wait to see the photos either.
  9. WooHooo!!!!! Now I know what to expect for mine!!!!!
  10. Great! :nuts: Can't wait to see photos.
  11. Great! Can't wait to see the photos.
  12. Pics--one of the whole bag and a second that is a close up of one corner that had been previously scuffed bare.
    birkincorner.jpg birkin2.jpg
  13. Thanks for the update...I was worried that if mine ever went to the SPA, it wouldn't come back looking as FANTASTIC as yours.
  14. It definitely puts my mind at ease to see your spa service, makes me want to baby Ms B so much less!!
  15. I love chevre!

    Happy for you!!!