Spa in Hermes UK

  1. Have anyone given their bags in the uk for spa ,if so how much is it and how long does it take .
    Also does the spa make any difference
  2. Yes i wonder that too. Do you know any place that i can bring my Hermes for Spa in London? Or i have to go to Hermes shop? Thank you in advance :smile:
  3. I think you have to take it to Hermes on Sloane Street in London for a spa treatment. If they can't do it they will send it to Paris depending on what needs doing
  4. Thank you very much i'll take my kelly next week.

  5. You are welcome, I hope it doesn't take too long.

    If you would be kind enough to let me know afterwards, how long it took and what you had done I would really appreciate it. I have a bag that could do with a spa treatment but I don't want to part with it for too long
  6. Hi! The spa for London is actually at Bond St - though of course you can take it in anywhere, but Bond St is where it will end up being done. The lady who does all of the cleaning and repairs is Clare. She is young, gorgeous, french and lovely to talk to!

    I haven't had a bag cleaned by her, but I have had by her predecessor, Celine, she took care of my workhorse HAC. The cost was about £100 and she cleaned and polished the outside of the bag, retouched the corners and it did look lovely afterwards.

    It is worth bearing in mind that they only do the outside (mine was grubby inside too) and there are certain marks and stains, ink for example, that wont come out.

    Wait depends purely on how busy they are, but I would guess that for a routine clean you are looking at 2-3 weeks. Clare should be able to do some repairs and more complex cleaning, but I am not sure how far her talents stretch.
  7. I am sure there are other places in London, but I really wouldn't advise you to take it anywhere except H. They have been trained in the leathers, stitching, care etc. Its just not worth the risk of someone messing up your lovely bag!
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    Bond Street is responsible for London work. Anything complicated goes off to Paris and takes 2-3 months. They will take the bag in and usually let you have a detailed quote within a couple of days for each element of the work, e.g. restitching, cleaning etc. The behind the scenes guy in Bond Street who coordinates it all is a French guy called Greg.

  9. Thanks Eliselady, it is of course Bond Street, Sloane street was in my mind as I had been in there at the weekend, apologies for any confusion!
  10. Thank you ladies!!
    I'll take my bag to Bond street this weekend. And will update the details for you ladies.
    Very much appreciated!!!! xx
  11. Just put mine in to have the corners looked after. I delivered the bag to Manchester and they have sent it on to Claire Marie in Bond Street. I was asked if I wanted a quote for the work but I said no because the work should be done however much it costs because the bag deserves it and the quotation process would just eat up more time. Should take about a month. If I can still find this thread when I get it back I'll update you.
  12. We will be looking forward for your update.
    Good luck xx

  13. Hi ladies!
    So, today i went to Hermes Bond Street. I met one of staff and she's very helpful. I sent the bag in for outside cleaning (corners, handles and scuff mark on the front of the bag are special request from me). The cleaning cost £150 and it will take only 4 weeks. Will come back for the result hopefully next month.
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    Well my bag is back. Sent in for retouching the corners and TLC on 30th March and back by 20th April.
    Cost £95

    Very unexpectedly I was in London yesterday and met Claire Marie in her cubby hole at the back of the Bond Street store where she was kind enough to show me what I'd been doing wrong with the bridle leather of my Herbag - so I will only EVER use the Saphir milk from now on. One should learn from the master!

    And she is young, gorgeous and very French. Even with her leatherworking apron on she had a dip dye scraf tied around her waist - a model to us all!
  15. Sorry to answer my own post but I've just had a chance to really examine the results of my Kelly going to Spa and the corners have had their dye replenished just as I asked but also
    1) the whole bag looks as though its had an influx of colour
    2) the slight dint in the seal on the handles has been repaired ( which I had forgotten to ask to be fixed)
    3) the palladium hardware has had all its scratches polished out ( which to be honest I didn't think was physically possible to do) and the bag has come back with new plastic hardware protectors - honestly if I didn't know the bag was mine and I knew what I was looking for you'd say it was brand new - all for 3 weeks and £95 - bargain!