Spa for a massage in Phoenix/Scottsdale?

  1. I'd like to thank for my friend for her generous hospitality during my stay w/her. She mentioned wanting to get a massage, so I thought about getting her a $75 g/c to a spa in the area. I'm a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start w/all the spas here. A colleague recommended the spa at the Phoenician, but it's $150 for 50 min. I was hoping that $75 would cover most of the cost at a nice salon or spa. It does not need to be part of a resort. Also, I need to be able to order a gift certificate over the phone or internet and have it sent directly to her. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I use a national chain place, Massage Envy, and I have been very pleased. The first session is only $39.
  3. I think Dolce Spa is good, or Nordstrom Spa is really nice too!

  4. Massage Envy started here in Scottsdale! I love it! I remember getting a friend a package of 3 1 hr sessions for about $150.
  5. Where in AZ is she?
  6. I have no idea what her area is called, but her zip code is 85032. Her office is near Biltmore Fashion Square.
  7. ^The Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is probably a maximum of 2 miles away from her office, then. I would HIGHLY recommend this is lovely!

    As others have mentioned, the Nordstrom Spa is nice. :smile:

    I myself have a monthly membership with Massage Envy, but I live about 20 miles away from where your friend works, so I don't have any nearby recommendations of which one to go to.
  8. YaY for AZ! Where do you live?

    I just mapquest-ed 85032 and it's basically the 51 and greenway. There should definitely be a Massage Envy around there! I know there is one at Tatum and Thunderbird!