Soybean and bag Happiness!

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  1. I've been away for a bit, but while I've been gone, I've have made some decisions I'd like to share with you! I was really wanting a BV awhile ago and couldn't decide. Therefore, I decided to go with the basic BV black hobo, as it does seem very nice. I am waiting for their spring catelog to come in the mail so I can go for a more creative/unique one....or when I am traveling to London in a few days to see some in person! Also, I don't know who likes Moschino, but I got this brown goatskin bag I've been fancying for some time and am as happy as can be! Here's the pic of it too! I am contemplating my next purschase-moving into actually getting a bigger bag for once....I love these two red tods bag, but I also like this gucci...

    What do you guys think between the two red tods and the gucci?

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  2. I love the gucci!

  3. I second that!
  4. I third that!:love:
  5. ^ fourth
  6. Wow Soybean! You chose the best bag in the end!!!!:love:
    The basic black woven hobo is my absolute favorite! My sister-in-law just bought the same one 2 days ago after much of the same debating you went through!It's a gorgeous, classic forever hobo!
    On Monday I will most probably get the one I told you I tried a few weeks ago - the tone on tone brown hobo like the picture you posted. The one that won't age as well as the hobo. I will post pics if I get it. I was at the boutique and just couldn't go home without it but my SA told me to wait until boxing day to see if it will be marked down. Doubtful, but worth the wait! I would buy the same bag you chose if I didn't already have the black embossed woven hobo. It is too similar now to buy the basic one even though I definately prefer it to mine. Enjoy your gorgeous classic!:P :love:

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  7. and i make 5
  8. The Gucci would be my choice. It's a grrrrrrrrrrreat bag!
  9. i love the gucci, the botega is a nice one too. u have great taste in bags, i must say.
  10. thanks, my babies thank you too! Do you think the Red tods media D (second red one) is too old school? i think its classy, but have been wondering after my sister said it looked granny style....
  11. yeah, i do agree with ur sister on that one!! lol.
  12. hmmmm, their smaller tote version is cute....not sure about big red...we'll see. Anyways, I am counting down the days to London where my head will officially explode from massive exposure to bags!
  13. i'm in favor of gucci aswell.
  14. I saw the tods at saks picked up and put it on...looked like I was getting ready for work! I go there enough it wasn't for me. Your sister was right though you could continue to use it as you get older it definately isn't trendy.
  15. LOVE the Moschino, much like the Gucci and the soft red bag.