Soy hot dogs

  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried them. In my effort to shed a few pounds this year I picked some up. For 80 calories and 17 grams of protein I have to say they pack a lot of nutrition. I'm not too fond of the taste I made some 7 bean vegetarian soup and slice one into a bowl and they aren't too bad.

    Your opinions?
  2. They taste sooooo good to me! My family is vegetarian so I get used to it.
  3. I tried them and they're not bad at all.
  4. I used to eat them along with many many other soy products, however I stopped since there are some pretty serious studies about soy being dangerous. I avoid it now.
  5. i love those morningstar corn dogs!
  6. i hear about soy being dangerous in regards to genetic modification, but i dont think it can be any worse than the dangers in fish, meat, and poultry. pros and cons to all.
    i love veggie dogs, but i prefer ones by the brand of tofurky!
  7. ^^^ I was just gonna pick up some of those yesterday - so you suggest tofurky as being the best?
  8. I always buy Yves, and they are delicious. In a bun with lots of mustard YUM!
  9. yes, brand suggestions please!
  10. Amanda I bought Smartdogs. They are the larger size hotdogs and are 80 calories and 17 grams of protein. I know you do WW and I think they are 1 point. 80 cals, 1 g fiber, 0 fat. Let me know if you think they are two points.

    I've been making a "vegetarian" multi bean soup. I get a dry mix of beans from the health food store, saute onion and carrots, add the beans (after soaking overnight), a box of organic chicken broth and then a bay leaf and Chicago Steak Seasoning. It just puts a little smoky type kick in the soup. I put about a cup of soup in a bowl and slice in the soy dog and it's pretty good.

    Not sure how many points the soup is though.
  11. those are right on the line - they might be one, might be two, i'd have to find my points calculator to find out. i'd probably count them as two to be safe.

    the soup sounds really good, i've been feeling like soup recently. i'll have to make some.
  12. yes, they make tofurky, but i really like their sausages. i used to eat yves all the time, but after a while, it started to have a rubbery texture for me. i like tofurky because its a meatier texture. my bf prefers these too. :biggrin: hth!

  13. I'll only eat the Morningstar Farms ones- I first tried them in 2002 and I always keep them in the freezer!
  14. They are very good for you, lots of complete protein in most brands. Hubby LOVES any and all kinds, but I can only eat the tofurky ones.