souvenirs to get from London?

  1. I am currently in london for the summer and wanted to bring some souvenirs back. any suggestions?

    I thought of buying tea/coffee/chocolates from Harrods, especially since they are having a sale now, but is there any better stuffs? i can't buy souvenirs that are too pricey too.. cuz i'm a college student.. and i've got to buy souvenirs for quite a lot of family/friends.

    oh, if it's any help at all, i'll be in london till early sept.

    thanks for any suggestion! :heart:
  2. maps from the 18th and 19th century.
  3. I bought all kinds of teas/coffees/chocolates from Harrod's and I'm glad I did! They are a little pricy, but it's more reasonable with a sale and you can keep all of the little decorative tins. That was my go-to gift for a generic London souvenir.

    I collect teapots from around the world, so I made sure to buy a really nice one from a gift shop near the Tower of London. That was annoying because I had to make sure it didn't break in transit back to America.

    Honestly, I find that my best souvenirs are always photographs and a journal full of memories. I hope you're having a fabulous time! I loved London so much that I went back twice in one year. :smile:
  4. tea and local sweets that you cant get in US - in my experience most souvernirs just lie around the house until someone one day throws them away, except if this is for a collector. so get something everybody likes and uses otherwise you are just wasting your money.
  5. you have to hit up harvey nichols food hall. they do the best biscuits and sweets. fortnum ans mason is nice for things like that too but is more traditional.
  6. I hate to buy the "typical" souvenir stuff, so I usually go to Whittards CLICK HERE FOR WEBSITE. They have neat giftpacks with tea related stuff, and really good tea.

    I also second the Harrod's idea, the tins are nice, I always get my grandma something from Harrod's when I'm in London.
  7. You know, I've learned from now on to just buy stuff on the web since it seems most everyone sells their stuff on the internet now. That way I don't have to buy a whole other bag just for souveniers! I can't think of many things you can get there that you couldn't just have them send you...
  8. I would say definitely get a Harrods bag.... I've never been to London but there is a small Harrods store at Hong Kong Airport, so when I was there I made sure I bought one.
  9. I would second Fortnum and Mason - their Pink Champagne Truffles are tdf.

    Tea - especially Earl Grey - would be typically English and some nice Shortbread Biscuits. Getting them in a Harrods Tin would combine two famous London things.

    Also, I would say photographs of Buckingham Palace, Tower of London etc - you could always get them enlarged when you get home.

    If you want something a little different - go to Covent Garden, you'll find some great gifts there.
  10. Oh and don't forget the Buckingham Palace Gift Shop near to the Palace - they have some nice things.
  11. i love that gift shop, my gran has hundreds of the tea towels lol.
  12. Yeah they have some lovely things. We got a teddy bear for my son last year when we did the Palace tour (and saw the Queen's gowns - they were absolutely beautiful and her jewels - I had no idea the queen was so tiny!), the teddy was dressed as a Queens Knight with the Long White Flumes from the Hat. He loves it - he's called it Prince (he's 4 yrs old).
  13. Any confectionary. We have the best biscuits and sweets :p lol
  14. I brought everyone back the Buckingham Palace Marmalade...they all loved it!!!!
  15. My favorites (most of which have already been mentioned so I'll second them)...


    Sweets and Bisquits

    Harrods tote bag and/or coffee (tea???) mug (I LOVE the slender mugs they sell, it's a great size).

    British Fashion Mags - Personally I LOVE these